Not dead yet!

Hey! every once in awhile I think I should let y'all know I'm not dead; just resting. I've almost finished my Christmas shopping -- rather, I've finished mine and all that's left is some of Christen's shopping. We still need stuff for his dad and cousin & her husband, but I've already decided what we're getting everyone but his dad, so he can just go pick it up. And of course he hasn't done any shopping at all for me yet, but that's okay. I got him (he doesn't read this so it's okay) 2 books, a pajama set (really comfy pants), 2 dress shirts, a Peanuts Christmas puzzle, a couple little stocking stuffer games, and a pinky ring (he steals my thumb ring all the time, and I've bought him a pinky ring before and he lost it). I couldn't find anything to be his "main" gift so I just ended up getting a bunch of little gifts. I hope he likes them. I'm excited about my best friend's gift: I got her a chocolate fountain, but I ordered it off Amazon so I got the stainless steel one like what they use at conventions (it's supposed to come today!).

Tonight we're going to see Cirque du Soliel's Varekai
and I haven't decided if I'm excited or not. I heard it was fabulous, but I've never been. I hated the regular circus -- all that buildup to something that's not all that fab. But we'll see. Today we have Secret Santa at work, and I got my friend Stacy, so I got her an Indian tea box with different teas in it (the box is really pretty red & gold fabric), a bottle of Cosmo mix and a bottle of gingerbread syrup from Starbucks. And for everyone else I got cards -- I really wish I had a scanner so I could show you what the cards look like -- they're really funny. Maybe I'll take a picture instead :)

Anywho, I'm all set for Christmas so I don't even have to finish up on Christmas Eve -- yay! Oh, and later I'll post the picture of what I got my best friend's fiance, because we let him open it at the party on Saturday so that everyone could see it :) Toodles!

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Honey, have you found a new place to live yet?