sorry, gas gives me gas

but my car needs gas. i updated a few hours ago, but i tried it on my desktop and lost it all. it was most annoying so i left it alone and went to play sims 2 for a bit. i got sims 2 yesterday, and i love it. i made a couple that look exactly like myself and christen, and they are goofy in love, just like we are (and of course, just plain goofy, but what did you expect?). i have lots more to say, but my mom's coming over tomorrow (just found out) so i want to pick up the house and fix a pair of christen's pants that he ripped. ta ta!


good to know i led an interesting life...

What will your Funeral be like?
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so even the computer says i'm good at something...

What Makes You Sexy?
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Special Talents AreBlow Jobs
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so html isn't that hard to remember, evidentally...

...because i knew it partially a long time ago but i still doubted that i would remember how to fix this template so it would be usable for my purposes. but i did it! and it didn't take all night! [sidenote -- the amazing quote of the day~ "can we find the nipple?" said on the opening credits of body work, that plastic surgery show on tlc] anyhow, it took about an hour to get it together, change the colors and placement of the type and my background picture (i took that picture, the smokey mountain national park, north carolina) and add links to the side bar. now the only thing i can't figure out is how to move the description line (that's it up in the top left) to the middle under the header. any takers?
so this way i can play more with my template, which i like. i still wish someone would have done it for me, but i'm just as impatient as i am lazy. so there.
ivan the terrible is headed to tampa, so i added a link for ivan-at-work's live journal to commemorate. he'll be appreciative of the nod anyhow. ivan (pick which one you think i'm referring to) looks to be increasingly obnoxious, but hopefully it'll stay far away. hehe. yeah, so OD boarded up yesterday, per corporate. they just drove up and boarded up our windows and doors. it's now very dark in there. i started singing dance magic (david bowie) earlier at work for no reason so i've now decided to watch labrynth while i finish typing this, and i'll have something to listen to while i try to do some writing. we've changed our bi-weekly meeting to a week from monday because of derned ivan. at least i may have something written by them.
i want a dog named merlin. maybe i should change jacob the snakob's name.
give me the child. through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered. i have fought my way here to the castle beyond the goblin city to take back the child you have stolen. for my will is as strong as yours, and my kingdom is as great.
you have no power over me.
[insert -- this is care of orlando weekly's NOTW: power outages, we have concluded, are a blessing. They cut you off from the nattering nabobs of hurricanism, to paraphrase that great American statesmen, Spiro Agnew. Beginning Sept. 3, right through Sept. 6, one could – if one was unlucky enough to still have power and cable – have watched wall-to-wall coverage of Frances' crawl across the Atlantic, including live reports from the beach every time a cloud approached. Tom Terry should be flogged. {my note -- this continues with Ivan)
hehe. more later. i need to write.


it's googlicious!

so for some reason now i can use google. i don't know why, though i have indeed missed it. i've had this laptop for nearly 2 years now and google has never worked; no one knows why -- it's pure mystery. it's like, every time i download flash so i can see nifty websites and the tmbg website, the laptop refuses to realize that i have downloaded flash and therefore tells me that i don't have it. mystery. but anyways, i've never been able to use google, and because of that i've never been able to use yahoo and other google-based search engines. google has evidentally updated their site, because now there are balloons and fruit, and i can (tada!) use it! yay!
so there. nanny-nanny-boo-boo.
also, i downloaded this thing called trillian (trillion?) for messaging. it is supposed to condense all your messenger programs into one. but now i can't find it. now granted, i haven't looked, but shouldn't it automatically show up? i'll search tomorrow. it's like my notebook. all i have to do is tear apart the laptop and i'll find it. i'll let you know how it works. if anyone has any experience with it, lemme know, k?
christen and i bowled 9 games tonight. we were there for 4 hours. we've decided $43 later that we aren't going to bowl 9 games in one night again. we'll see on sunday. my top game was 151, but my low game (the first one, as usual) was 88. not a great spread. all the other games were over 100, some just barely and some way over.
i bought a new book today. actually, i bought two new books, but one was john irving so i don't count it. (that one was a prayer for owen meany, if you care. and the reason i don't count irving's books is because he always disappoints me; his plots are so amazing but i don't like the way he writes. i heard that prayer was especially good, so i'm giving it a shot). i bought a book called as the crow flys, and i've never heard of the author, but it looked good so i'll let you know.
jordan, you still have to borrow darkly dreaming dexter. you're missing out. it's awesome.
i know the new template is, well, blank, but i changed to a template with a picture in the background. the problem is, i didn't like the guy's picture so much so i need to find a free photo host to host a picture of mine that i can put in the background. and that way i can change it as i wish.
well, a movie awaits and rocky road ice cream. mmm mmm good. :)


how do you like dem apples?

i don't know what to write, which is funny because i've actually had some good ideas for stories. i just don't know where to go with them. i keep having ideas at night or in the mornings -- close to sleep, and i know these are the best ideas, but once i'm fully awake i can't seem to figure out where the story is to go. so i couldn't think so i took a bath, and now i'm watching (oh, guess) law & order. i think that's where some of these wierd stories are coming from, because both stories i've started have death in them. the third is just a few paragraphs; i can't figure out that one at all. i've continued down several paths with it, death, no death, but i keep returning to the first few paragraphs. so screw it, why bother writing at all? mostly because i don't want to stay the rest of my life at OD.
frances was here, the giant pain in the rear. it didn't affect me much; we closed the store on sunday and i was off on monday and tuesday. bored me to tears sun and mon -- finally tuesday i was able to get out and about. went bowling. i think i'm getting pretty good.
well, i'm not doing too good tonight; i can't even type a well-turned sentence. so i'm off. ta ta!


this one is barkley the wonder pup -- in honor of the impending NFL season, since i'll be losing Christen to fantasy football and i'll be out geocaching more often. Posted by Hello

These are my two travel bugs -- i made them this week. Posted by Hello

touch your audience ...

well, that's what the television says but i don't want to go to jail. i'll stick to myself.
i'm watching the PBA finals (that's the bowling world series to you) and, eh, yeah, i'm bored. there's no law & order on and i really don't feel like writing -- i'm hungry but i'm trying to hold out until christen gets home and i can make chicken bryan for both of us because i bought basil and goat cheese last week and haven't had a chance to use it yet. i want to go geocaching but its going to rain, i think, and i keep getting stuck trying to outrun the rain. i have two travel bugs to drop out there -- barkley the wonder pup and a weeping buddha. i posted them with hello so you can see them too. i think after hurricane francis is done with i might get out there some more. its just so freaking hot that i can't stay outside for more than a few minutes without the heat getting to me.
the kids are at it again. the freaking children that play outside my building have been playing kickball or something in an area that is only 20 feet wide or so and they've hit my window twice. i've gone out and yelled at them twice, but i'm not taking it anymore. if they do it again i'm finding their parents. i've dealt with the noise while they play every night until sundown, rain or shine, but i'll be gosh darned if i'm going to deal with my living room window getting beamed with a freaking ball. i'll beam them, i'm telling you.
in other pretty good news regarding the people i live near, the nasty people who live above me had a baggy on their door from animal services that was dark red and said in menacing type: FINAL NOTICE. hehehe. i wonder what that was about. i always feel bad for their dogs because i've never ever seen them be walked in the two months i've lived here. one of the dogs was chained to the front porch once -- he was a pretty calico colored boxer.
so i don't know if i should worry about hurricane francis. they say it should miss us, but it was supposed to hit us last time and it didn't, so maybe they'll be wrong this time too. i can't help wanting it to hit here -- not that i want the distruction or anything, but i just want it here. i haven't seen a hurricane since elena when i was six. and that was just a lot of rain. all i can remember is watching the rain hit the pool while surrounded with old people. well they weren't all old -- my mom was (ouch! my mom was near my age!) in her 20s, aunt kaye was in her 30s and my gram and her friend were in their 50s or 60s -- but i was 6! they were all old as hell.
i'm going to say screw it. i'll be fine. there's food if we need it, and if there's no electricity when it stops raining we'll grill outside. i'm going to get some more tea.