bless the genius of crazy people

I just heard how this angry claimant sent a Progressive claims adjuster a big bouquet of flowers, hung out outside the building and when the adjuster came out with the bouquet he shot her. So you know, if a random person sends you flowers don't take them home. If you pissed them off, they might be watching for you.


the thin red line.

I burnt my arm. I maintain that it's Christen's fault; I had to iron his shirt this morning. It's not that he's inept at such things, but he was whining more than normal on the state of the wrinkles -- I thought it might be easier to simply do it for him once he had tried and failed. I usually leave him to his own devices. Alas, my poor burned arm (although of course it's really not that bad, just an itchy red line).
They've taken away overtime at work now. I'm restricted to strict 8-5 hours. Looks like I'll be getting some sleep now! But I really enjoyed that extra umph on my paycheck twice a month, and it's so much easier to get work done when there's no one here. I've decided if they are taking it away then I'm going to start taking my breaks too, so now I'm going to start blogging on my breaks. So congrats! You'll hear from me more! I can't technically "blog" from work, but I can email myself what I want to say and post it at night, which works. It makes me happy. And we want April happy.
Last night I went to a karaoke bar for a girl from work's birthday. It was much fun, I'll tell you. I drug Christen too, (not to say I drugged him but I made him come with) and I think he had fun too although he didn't know very many people. It's okay; I didn't know many people either. There were many terrible singers and a few good ones (that includes the ones in our group) but we stayed late and it was entirely too difficult to get up this morning because of it. The "other April" sang Angel by Sarah McLaughlin, and she was great. I made her sing, and I think I'll be making her sing a lot more now. Hehehehe.
Countdown to my birthday -- 7 days!


in space

It seems so many are getting in car accidents. First it was Mason Dixon --

And now a very good friend from work. The thing is there were about 10 of us on the patio drinking when our friend got in the accident crossing the street from work to the bar. I guess it's a good thing he didn't get in the accident leaving the bar instead. He's alright, but let me tell you: Tiberon's do not hold up against Expeditions. I didn't take a picture but a friend did and I'll post it if I get ahold of it.


back to the land of the living ...

I'm not quite finished moving but I've decided I've had it. Everything left, well, I haven't missed it in the last week, now have I? Maybe I won't notice if I just trash it all. I do still need to put in my change of address because I'm not getting my bills, and though I don't mind this I'm sure Capital One does.

And I've missed all of you terribly so I've decided to come back to ze blawgin' communidy.

I lied though; I can't throw anything away so I'm sure I won't trash it all. I just have to get the mometum to go back and grab everything. For this weekend I'm taking it easy. We bought a new couch from Kanes to be picked up tomorrow, and my family is coming over tonight to see the new place and to hang out (and the little sister will be spending the night). I plan on a nice dinner at the diner around the corner and some local shopping and geocaching. Woohoo, sounds like fun! Christen has been taking care of his dad for the past few days so I've been home organizing all my books and dvds and kitchen stuff -- it's been lonely but great fun; we all know how much I love to organize. I hate to pack and I detest moving, but I revel in the reorganizing. I have a library now! Life is good.


I swear I'm alive ...

I'm just moving between monsoons ...

If I don't drown moving the couch I'll stop by soon!


gettin' down with the sickness ...

So being sick has allotted me the time that I otherwise would not have to watch movies. I'd read, but for two reasons: one, my head, it was a-poundin' the entire 5 days of illness; and two, I packed all of my books last week and dragged them over to the new house. It's a very dreary house indeed, one with no books. But there's always Blockbuster and HBO on Demand! So here's what I've watched Friday Sunday and Monday:

The Incredibles
In Good Company
The Counterfeit Contessa
The Prince and Me
Bowling for Columbine
Cinderella Story
Groundhog Day
3 episodes of Family Business

... and I'm sure a number of others. It's been fun! Some of those would have ended up on MooCow's "I watch bad movies so you don't have to" list, but I found most of them thoroughly enjoyable. If it helps, I would have watched a Mary Kate & Ashley movie if I would have caught it on television. And I DVR'd (the Brighthouse equiv. of TIVO) The Prince and Me because Christen refused to watch it with me. And tomorrow I shall return to the land of the living -- well, almost. New Jersey Insurance, here I come!


and the rain came tumblin' down.

I feel like Chicken Little with all this rain. It started on Tuesday with the rain when it took me two hours -- two hours to get to work. Then ... I got sick. It started out like a little sore throat -- nothin' I couldn't handle. Then my ears filled up -- everytime I swallow my throat hurts and my ears pop. Then my sinuses filled up.

By Friday this is what I felt like. I worked 6:30-10:30 am and had to get out of there -- I felt like shit. This weekend hasn't been any better. We tried to do some moving yesterday and got about 10 boxes across the Bay before it started pouring again. Today I've been reduced to lounging on the couch watching crapping On Demand movies. Anyone want to help me move?