Please explain.

cock·a·trice n. Mythology

A serpent hatched from a cock's egg and having the power to kill by its glance.

Please explain how a cock lays an egg?

Space dog, from log to bog.

Okay, so I couldn't come up with anything funny. But doesn't she look ridiculous? I had to take her back to the vet today because she ripped off her bandages and they put her in this:

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My poor lame puppy

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Lola had to get stitches today. She ripped open the pad of her foot trying to mess with her crate while we went shopping today. I don't know what to do with her -- she hates her crate so much I feel bad everytime I leave the house, but I can't leave her loose in the house -- it's not mine, and if she messes something up I'm the one who pays. She scratched up the doorjamb one day when we left her loose while we went grocery shopping and I'm going to have to sand it and repaint it before I move now.

But in happier and less dry news, I went shopping today! Yes, I braved the crowds and went to get a few things. I didn't get up until almost 9am, but when we went there was still plenty of what I did want, and anything that they were out of I've decided I didn't need anyhow. So here are my and Christen's purchases for today:
-- Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture 2 (I'm obsessed with Trivial Pursuit, even though I'm terrible at it)
-- DVDs: Robots, Kingdom of Heaven, About Schmidt and Friday Night Lights
-- ATI Radion X800 video card (something about 16 pixel pipelines, but don't ask me -- I just use the stuff)
-- a Cranberry Chutney Yankee Candle
-- iPod Clock Radio
-- the Garden State soundtrack
-- Sims 2 Nightlife Expansion Pack

I tried to do some Christmas shopping, but I just couldn't find anything that appealled to me for anyone else. I'll have to do some more shopping over the next week to see if I can jump start myself to the holiday spirit. With the whole house-thing, I'm just not feeling it yet. Is anyone else feeling the holiday spirit?


Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope your turkey day is a blast!


there goes home sweet home.

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So Sunday my landlord calls me. She wants to know if they've fixed the stove yet. I tell her not yet, because even though she told me last week that they were authorized to fix it they haven't called yet. Then she tells me the news. Her daughter is pregnant. She needs the house.

My house.

She's due in March. Looks like I'm homeless again. I sobbed most of the day. And then I went to get my alterations done for the wedding and on the way home I hit a raccoon. And it messed up my bumper.

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How was your weekend?


Saturdays ...

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Is that a stogie? Nope, just a bone.

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Momma & Lola -- this is the new 'do, although not having a good hair day.


And what the heck is with another freaking tropical storm when it's this cold outside? Don't they know they're supposed to stay away for at least another 9-10 months?!

it's killing me ... not so softly.

These overnight hours are killing me. Not my overnights, but Christen's, as he has been working overnights for a week and will be doing it for at least another couple of weeks and I don't know that I can handle it much longer. I hate sleeping by myself -- hate it. I've been very understanding the last week and haven't given him shit about it but I talked to him tonight and he's going to have to do it next week too and be off on Wednesday and Thursday. This bites big monkey balls. However, I'm choosing to look at it from as positive an outlook as possible -- My Fair Lady is in town next week and we can go on Wednesday. :)
In other news, looks like I'm spending nights with Lola. Good thing she loves me; now if I can just get her to come inside.



I'm tired. And I don't want to be up, but Christen's not home and it's harder for me to go back to sleep when there's not a warm body to snuggle up against. He's been working overnights at work, so I have to sleep on my own. Not good. Somehow I've been sleeping okay, but it's murder to try to fall asleep -- it's just the snoozing itself that I've been able to do.
My stove is fixed. Sorta. There was a short in one of the burners and they bypassed it so we could use the rest of the appliance until the part came in to fix the one burner. Thank God we rent; it was an expensive part. :) Oops ...
Lola was sick Monday and I had to take her to the vet. I woke up early in the am to her puking and having diarrhea all over the house. She's okay now; She'd had people food over the weekend at my sister's birthday party and it didn't agree with her. No more people food for her!
And I got my hair cut and recolored finally. I wanted to get it done before the wedding, which is in two weeks, so I went to a friend's stylist and she was really good; I really liked her. Plus it was half as much as the place I usually go to, although twice as far. The price makes up for the gas though, so I'm happy.
Sorry this post is so dry -- I'm forcing myself to write until creativity decides to drop back in. Otherwise you may never hear from me again and I really don't want to stop -- my brain's just not working right now. :)


just a thought ...

It's pretty bad when you fail your own comment word verification system ... every time you post a comment. And I'm talking everytime.



So let me tell you a story: There once was a man ...
No, no -- not that kind of story.

Okay, so there was this girl, who had this stove. Now, she moved into her cute little house about 6 months prior, but ever since she moved she had problems with bugs in the stove. I know you're thinking "Eww, gross!" Well, that's what she was thinking. They seemed to live inside the stove, back behind where you couldn't get to them. There wasn't a bug problem anywhere else in the house, and they didn't come out while she was cooking so she was trying to deal with it.

But one day she had it. She took whatever bug spray she had on hand (wasp killer) and sprayed the counter leading to the stove. Then, because she had nothing else, she took some bleach and water and started pouring a bit of it behind the stove. All of a sudden, she heard a sizzling. She didn't know where the plug was to the stove, so she was helpless. She stared at the stove. After the sizzling the surface light came on, indicating that the stove was hot. She hadn't cooked in awhile, so she was positive that the surface wasn't hot, but she put her hand on the stove -- just to check. Nope, still cold.

Then, blue light. There were popping sounds, and lights coming from the top of the stove, where the controls were, and then everything died.

That was last Thursday, and this is where we are. Thank God for dinner parties and the grill! :)


Ready to resume contact.

I know I've been lax on the whole blogger thing, but I really haven't been up to blogging. I don't know why. I figure rather than give you a halfhearted product that I would wait.

So here are the snippets of what's been happening:
--been shopping for bridesmaid's dresses for my best friend's wedding
--got a better (read: more stable) position in my company
--bought some great new shoes
Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com
--went to way too many bridal showers for other friends (not mine, excuse me while I pout)
--experienced my first strip club
--went to a wine festival last night and got toasted
found some lovely wines I might not have tried before, like Mark Davidson's Chardonnay and Black Oak's Riesling, which are definitely coming home with me again soon, because they were way yummy. There was a fantastic Cab Sauv, too, but I was already drunk so I don't remember the brand.
--been working on the next printed issue of the magazine
--spent way too much money on warmer clothing because it got really freaking cold for 1 1/2 weeks
--can't wear my new clothes because it's near 90 again
--pouting because the Bucs suck
--pouting because the Lightning suck
--wondering how they can say how good the Devil Rays are doing when they couldn't have done worse -- they can only improve at this juncture
--went to a couple geocaching events
--decided what to get Christen for Christmas
--am at a loss on what to get everyone else for Christmas
--am really freaked out that it's so close to Christmas
--read some great books, encluding Speaking With the Angel, a collection of short stories edited by Nick Hornby.