marvin the martian for president!

he's a citizen, right?
i drove (well, christen drove) pst 56th and busch at 6:45 this morning and there were already picketters for some congressman of something. christen reminded me that since they were elderly, they probably went to bed at 7 and were up at 4, so it was like noon to them. i wonder if i can vote early over the weekend. i don't know if i want to deal with the polls on nov. 3.
kevin walker keeps hyping the 3rd (http://rail.tbo.com). you have to know that it won't end on nov. 3. then the lawyers come out, the angry mob, the hysteria. as someone who endorses neither candidate, i can say that the ESOL trip to prague is looking better & better. i wonder if christen would get his passport with me. everything's cheaper over there anyways.

sehr gut, vielendank.

i had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a bowl of frosted mini wheats for dinner last night. they were yummy. you gotta deal with whatcha got, right? i was supposed to be able to get my car from the paint people last night, but they didn't leave it out so i'm stuck without a car again today. christen had to drive me to work, and i have to stick around until after 5 when he can come pick me up again. i brought prayer for owen meany again, so hopefully i can get through some more of that while i'm waiting. or maybe i'll ditch it.
to all of you worried, i don't think it was tss -- i'm doing fine now. i have problems (physically and mentally) when i stay home alone and don't/can't leave for the day. i need sunshine. i need productivity. and since i had that migrane that forced me inside and i didn't have a car to do anything constructive, i think it just manifested itself in my vagina. that sounds lovely, now doesn't it? hehe.
i think i need to rework my resume and start sending it out. i can add today's cacher as an editor/copyeditor/html putter-upper, and continue my litany of wonderful things i've done for OD, and see if i can get a job. you know, one that i won't rant about in here all the time.
need to work now. more later.


boys probably shouldn't read this.

as a matter of fact, most people won't want to read this.
here's how it is. i feel sick, and i think it's my tampons.
i'll start at the beginning though. i was kinda scared that i was pregnant this month because i had a bit of a problem with my pills while i had the flu and my boobs and especially my nipples were really sore, like they were bruised or something. but i started my period on time as normal, and i thought that was well and good, but everytime i put in a tampon i start feeling really sick. i've used them for 10 years now with very little trouble, but for some reason they're really effecting me this time. i don't really flow much at night so i wasn't wearing one the night before last, and then last night i wore one to bed even though i wasn't feeling well when i went to bed, and i woke up at 4am with chills and stomach pains. i took out my tampon and went back to bed and was fine when i woke up but i put one in when i got out of bed and started feeling ill again. should i see the doctor over this or just stop wearing tampons for awhile? i have a sneaking suspicion that it's all in my head, but illness because of my head or my vagina doesn't change that i feel ill.

i'm just a fucked-up girl looking for her own piece of mind ...

so don't assign me yours.
i'm watching eternal sunshine now that i've exchanged the full frame version for widescreen. my car won't be done before i go to work so christen has to use his lunch break to come pick me up for work and pick me up tonight after work. this movie has such great quotes. "i think your name is magical." i wish someone would say that to me -- i always get the jokes about how i should be called october now or they think i'm running a little late (or early, depending on the time of year). ahh ... i love this movie. it's so beautiful.
i feel i've wasted so much of my life doing nothing. do you ever feel that way? i go to a job that means nothing to me and bullshit customers that i have very little respect for and get yelled at by other customers who have no respect for me and the fact that i come to work every day. but now it's time for me to go to work ... again.

dreams are so fucked up

my dreams last night were so fucked up that i didn't remember them right away. usually i remember my dream vivedly and then it fades a little at a time until it's gone. that's why i tell everyone -- to keep the dream alive, man. but these ones i remembered now and i've been up for 15 minutes and i didn't want to lose it, so i'm writing it in here:
my brother and sister (14 and 12 respectively) were left home alone and had a party. this wierd girl (i think her name was brooke, because that's the girl that my sister fights with that lives down the street) came and was shooting everyone and i had stopped by and she shot me, but i wouldn't die so she kept trying to kill me. my brother and sister had hidden somewhere, because they were fine, but i kept getting shot. finally she thought i was dead (i had about 25 bullets and a board with rusty nails in me) and went on to killing my sister's friends when i got up and killed her and started pulling the bullets out of me. they weren't bullets but more like those fat wooden dowels that they give you to solidify bookcases when you're building them, and they sounded like suction cups. so after i killed brooke i started looking for survivors and then i helped ian and jamie put the house back together and they had had a fire in the living room but mom knew about that so they were going to repaint when she got home but we had to clean up all the dead bodies. it was strange.
my second dream i was not me; i was this guy and i was trying to save this chick but we had to keep going from one place to another to save her and find another person that was trying to kill her -- it was like a video game. make sure no one's near, change rooms -- in a couple big hotel type things. and one of her friends kept coming on to me, but i think it was to get back at the first girl and kept wanting me to hae sex with her. so girl b made me feel bad (remember, i'm a guy in this dream) so i jump her on the balcony and then the first girl got mad and left, but i was trying to protect her so i had to go after her and then the second girl got mad at me ... it was a huge mess. no more late nights critiquing porn stars with jordan online.


mcd's smelled like an unwashed vagina ...

that maybe had a touch of syphillis or something. i went there a few days ago for lunch when i didn't feel like driving all the way to wendy's. i hadn't been there in more than a month. i don't think i'll go back. of course, i always say that and then i get lazy and it's next door to OD so i end up there. never again, though, you hear me? hehe. a plain junior bacon cheeseburger and a large frostie is good for me, thank you.
christen is playing san andreas. this leads me to my links over there on the left. see the one that says pencopal's somethingorother? she has a funny entry that is a bit true about the lengths women everywhere will have to go through to get their boyfriends attention during the next few months. i think i need to take a trip to the lingerie shop soon, even though christen says it's a waste to spend so much money on something that will only be on me for a matter of minutes, and may get torn in the process.
i've had a severe migrane all day today. last night i had a bad headache when i went to bed, but i thought it was just because i had been staring at the computer for so long. my headaches don't usually turn into anything, they just go away when i sleep. but this time when i woke up to take my car to the paint place i had a full fledged migrane (and no pills, because my script is expired and it takes me three months to get into my doctor's office). i went anyhow, and came home around 9 and slept till 1. migrane still there. i laid around and watched dogville (crap, don't see it) and jersey girl (which i bought, kevin smith is great). when christen got home he took me back to best buy to exchange eternal sunshine (last night i accidentally got the full frame instead of widescreen) and to get chinese food and then it was home again. tomorrow we have to go pick up my car and i work the closing shift. blah.
well, i'm not interesting tonight. check out those other blogs on the left. maybe they have something interesting to say -- i wouldn't have put them up if they aren't somewhat witty.


ivan had me take this quiz. there are some sick fucks out there. but it was fun. take it!

Your Ultimate Purity Score Is...
CategoryYour ScoreAverage
Explored the pleasures of the flesh
It takes a couple of drinks
Sex Drive44.7%
I got needs, baby, you gotta unnastan'!
Knows the other body type like a map
Repressed, are we?
Fucking Sick89.4%
Refreshingly normal
You are 60.36% pure
Average Score: 72.7%


"W" stands for women? i thought it stood for "war" and "waste"

shell had a costume party last night. partying as:
me -- rennaissance gal. i was in full accoutrements, and breasts popping every which way.
christen -- we glued big red horns to his head and bloodied them up. he was ... a guy with horns on his forehead.
tracy -- an inflatable pumpkin. there was a fan on his ass.
dave -- death (with white reboks)
rab -- rab
trudimon/chudimon/pokemon -- ... herself.
shell -- hostess. she wore an apron and heels (yes, and regular clothing.)
richard -- chef. his proper outback-chef attire was worn.
we had a grand time, and the food was delicious (as it should be, since richard cooked) -- there were ribs that he cooked for 6 hours, orange pudding, pumpkin ice cream, baked mac & cheese (a la me with black noodles and extra orangy cheese thanks to the rolling pin's food coloring) cookies, and french dip (which shell would only serve if we called it french dick). jim didn't end up going, which i thought was pretty dick because he rsvp'd and didn't call or email or answer his phone when they called. i hope he had a good reason. i was nervous about seeing him in a social situation, especially with christen with me, but i would have at least let shell know if i was backing out. i made it though, and i was even on time.
i wanted to copy and paste kevin walker's column from today because i agree with it so wholeheartedly, so i'm going to leave it in non-bold. if you don't want to read, just move down to the bolded writing again. http://rail.tbo.com
We Understand Your Need For It To Be Nov. 3
If I had power over time, I can tell you what I would do.
Of course, it's tempting to clean up the past, isn't it? I could always go back and:
‰ Ask that other girl to the prom.
‰ Say something charming or clever when the situation called for it, rather than sitting there like a moron (this could take years).
‰ Stop myself from buying that Daihatsu (don't ask).
‰ Place a bet on the Boston Red Sox to make the World Series the day after the New York Yankees took a 3-0 lead in the American League Championship Series.
Hmm. That'd be nice. But, no, let the past be the past.
What I would do is wave my magic time wand to move us all forward to Nov. 3, because, man, it cannot get here fast enough.
I cannot remember when an election season was more in our faces, the television commercials more annoying, the signs more prevalent, the shouting any louder. I'm beginning to see ""swing state'' maps in my dreams.
If people aren't talking about the election around the office, then there is a heated e-mail debate going on with family members. And usually it's both.
The campaign television spots come on so often that, now, just for fun, I listen for the buzzwords: liberal, taxes, family values, strong, leadership, proud. Also ""understands,'' as in: ""John Smith understands your needs and will work to fulfill them all, no matter what it takes. John Smith understands. He understands you.''
It's also interesting to listen to phrases meant to stoke fear concerning the other candidate. As in: ""If you vote for that other guy, your city will be left in smoking ruins.''
And so on.
I also am getting far too many phone calls where someone in a recorded message tells me how I should vote. By ""far too many,'' I mean more than one.
CROSS THIS: Interesting moment a couple of weeks ago on ""Crossfire,'' the idiotic ... oh, wait. I am sorry. I meant informative. The informative talk show on CNN.
""The Daily Show'' host Jon Stewart was the guest. ""Crossfire'' hosts Paul Begala (from the left!) and Tucker Carlson (from the right!) expected Stewart to be Mr. Funny Man. Instead, he attacked ""Crossfire'' as nothing more than party spin masked as debate.
You can find the segment by going to Google and entering ""Jon Stewart Crossfire.'' You will find plenty of places to see the video clip.
and here's where the bolded words start again, but i've nothing more to say. shocker, eh? it'll come to me later.


i'm a thief.

i stole this off someone else's blog (http://farmers-thoughts.blogspot.com, i think). i thought that jordan and ivan would be very interested in it, and since the guy who typed it volunteered that he stole it from someone's ICQ or IRC convo, i figured it was fair game.
A woman has a close male friend. This means that he is probably interested in her, which is why he hangs around so much. She sees him strictly as a friend. This always starts out with, you're a great guy, but I don't like you in that way. This is roughly the equivalent for the guy of going to a job interview and the company saying, You have a great resume, you have all the qualifications we are looking for, but we're not going to hire you. We will, however, use your resume as the basis for comparison for all other applicants. But, we're going to hire somebody who is far less qualified and is probably an alcoholic. And if he doesn't work out, we'll hire somebody else, but still not you. In fact, we will never hire you. But we will call you from time to time to complain about the person that we hired.
very funny. and so true.
so here's a rant.
when the heck did people get such and such years young?
the pitcher was 40-years young, and blah blah blah ...
when i'm 40 years old, i'll be 40 years closer to death.
right now i'm 24 years closer to death.
that's 24 years old. i don't need my ego my be stroked to tell me that i'm not old. i know i'm not old. when i'm 86, i'll be old. 86 years old, to be precise. not 86 frigging years young. bullshit.


planned parenthood action group is responsible for the content of this ad.

so i did write yesterday, but with one swift key stroke i erased everything. since it was my fault i decided to toss in the sponge … oh, did i start typing the tv commercial? damn toilet bowl cleaner commercials … i decided to not bother retyping and i went to watch law & order. i promised christen i would play sims 2 yesterday (wow, that’s a promise, right?) to see if the computer would crash, but i didn’t feel like it. i told him i’d do it tonight. we were having so much trouble with the computer, and he updated the xp with a corporate edition and now unreal tournament isn’t crashing so he wants to know if sims is crashing anymore. cross your fingers – he may have fixed it.
america’s sweethearts was on fx when i got home, so i figured i would watch it … again. yes, i have it on dvd. no, i didn’t particularly like it to begin with. i am obsessed with cheesy romantic comedies. i know this – the cutting edge, america’s sweethearts, miss congeniality, empire records, made-for-tv disney movies, olsen twins movies, meg ryan, tom hanks, reese witherspoon, sandra bullock, you’ve got mail, newsies, when harry met sally, charade, audrey hepburn, cary grant, musicals and all that reminds me of the few good parts of my childhood. old movies in mom’s bed on a rainy day stuff. i think i have a slight phobia of horror movies though, because the thought of them makes me want to hurl. so no (what is jordan’s newest featured movie?) wes craven’s the people under the stairs, thank you. give me legally blonde, thank you.
i’m muddling through a prayer for owen meany (jon irving). i’m sorry; i know that an awful lot of people like the book, and as with the rest of his books, i’m gaga about the plot, but the writing leaves a lot to be desired. i sincerely detest the kind of “memoir” writing that is written (though this isn’t a memoir, the style is similar) where the author is constantly saying “as you will soon see” and “as you will find out.” arg! the point of writing is not to withhold information from the reader, and if the book is written from someone’s pov and that person knows something, the audience should know it too. it’s very manipulative. so i’m on page 117 of 543 and i just don’t know if i want to continue. of course i know i will, just like i finished the fourth hand and a widow for one year and the world according to garp … though i liked those all (but worse to best in respective order) i just have an issue with his writing style.


britney spears may make you horny ...

.... but a couple of drinks is all i need, thank you. christen is watching a documentary on trio called chicken ranch, which is about some women who live in a brothel. it's from the '70s, and it's ... interesting? but not really. not all the women are really that ugly, but they sure are ... interesting. it's the only *nice* word i can use about them. very odd.
anyhow. the bucs lost again last night. oh well; i'm not heartbroken. i went to sleep at the beginning of the 4th, and when i woke up they had lost. meh. at least it looks like we can almost win, which is always good. now we just have to, um, win. yeah, that'd be nice.
tonight was my meeting for the today's cacher mag. it was interesting. i'm looking forward to getting more involved with the zine, but they want me to submit a picture and bio. what do i write? "when april isn't busy correcting your use of "it's" vs. "its" or breaking through her writer's block to pen the newest "great american novel," she's fixing the writers' grammar so you can read what they say. don't hate her because she's beautiful." think that would work? actually, i may write something fairly similar. but i really don't want to submit a pic. i want to submit a funny pic, like the one of the april road sign i found near nebraska, or the one of me when i was 4 putting the star on the top of the christmas tree. but alas, they want a real picture. arg.


you got me again.

it's 12:15. amazingly enough, i slept until an unheardof 11:37am this morn. i woke up a few times, but forced myself asleep and only woke up for good when i woke up and both my arms were dead. i hate when that happens, and it does a lot. i wake up and i can't feel my arms and i have to flop them around with my body to wake them up. scares the royal crap out of me.
so i have a request from the blogging community -- i have a template problem (again). when i get a comment, i can't see the comment on my page until i hit the button that says "1 comment." by this time i've already read that one comment because it was mailed to me, but if anyone else wants to read it, perchance, they have to hit that button. unfortunately, the picture on my main page is not transferring to the single entry page, so the text is white on white background and you can't read the page. who knows how to fix this for me? comment on this entry, please. hehe.
the reason i've noticed this is because i got a comment on my early morning post, and i can't read it unless i highlight the page. royal pain in the butt. i've had comments before, but it was when i had the old template, so i could see them. i looked at the source of the old template vs. the new modified one, but to no avail. i need help!
so if by chance, you've linked a specific page of mine to your journal, you may be better off linking the entire blog for now. but i'll try to be entertaining!
[edit] it's fixed, thanks to the guy who wrote the template. so yeah, it was my own stupid mistake. how often does that happen? :)
i think i should probably *do* something today, so i'm off. jacob needs mice; i'm a week late and my usual place is out so i need to find a reptile place who has food for the snacob.

do you know the muffin man?

this will be a short one, because christen is asleep and it's after 1 am. i miss him -- need to crawl into bed.
so i was kinda hoping that i wouldn't get my voter's registration card because i don't really want to vote but everybody says i have to ... so i wanted an out. there was a little mix up with my addresses since i've moved so many times in the past 2 1/2 years that i thought they would get confused about where i was sending my change of address from, and i wouldn't get reregistered in time.
no such luch.
i got my card in the mail, and i vote up the street on november 2nd.
guess kerry's got my vote.
and i know it's the right thing to do, it's just that there's been so much crap this election that i really just hate them both and i hate them for subjecting me to 2 out of 3 commercials shoving "this is what's wrong with the other person" down my throat instead of talking about what they've done and can do. this entire election is revolting, and the only thing i can hope for in the long run is that kerry wins and then comes down with some horrible disease that doesn't kill him (i wish death on no one) but renders him useless as a president (which he's not far from anyhow) and edwards gets the job. i'd vote for edwards.
the only vote i'm sure about is castor, because i'd vote for castor in a heartbeat. she was president at usf when i started and i thought she was great. only, i don't know what exactly she's running for. i'm kinda trying to stay as far away as possible.

i finished my sister's room this weekend, and she loves it. the walls are white black and blue stripes, and the bed is longways against the wall with a giant headboard that takes up the entire wall (4x8 plywood covered in fabric). it's very neat, and jamie thinks the best part is that her friends will be insanely jealous. aren't 12-year-olds great?
sleep now. night night.



i washed down this morning's advil with a dose of tussin. there was nothing in the apartment to drink, so i figured i may as well kill two birds with one stone. let me tell you, i don't think it was a good idea. i don't think it'll help if i throw up both doses, no sirree.
this will be a quickie, because i have to go to work. i don't want to go, and i'm going two hours early, but i'm going anyhow.
christen took a job at another OD. larry asked him monday if he wanted the job and gave him 24 hours to give him an answer. i don't think he'll be happy there, but i think christen took it because he's afraid that larry won't offer it to him when the same job becomes available in his store. so starting next week he's going to have to drive more than twice as far for no more money and work with people he doesn't care nearly as much for. he's worked for that manager before, i from what i've seen from other people who've worked for him, no one respects him very much. but we just moved into this apartment which was perfect for being directly between both of our stores, and larry up and moves him. blah.
i'm very worn out. i think this accounts for why i got sick and why i'm not getting over it, but there's so much to do. i'm still trying to work on my sister's bedroom stuff, and that is not coming along as planned. it just takes to long to do any one thing that i'm not getting any of it done. i needed it done by friday. anybody want to help?
well, off to another grueling day of cheerfulness. maybe i'll take it out on the underlings.


still sick.

so i'm still sick. miserably so. i rested and we went to remington's for dinner, which i couldn't smell or even taste very much. i got a crock of potato soup and a sweet potato, which was definitely on steroids. the potato was around 3 lbs, i'd say. it was ridiculous. but i wasn't very hungry, so i ate the soup and a little of the sweet potato, and we went bowling. i won 2 of 3 games, but i wasn't very good. i had to sit most of the time so i wouldn't pass out or getting cold sweats. i got plenty of sleep last night, but i still woke up this morning worse for the wear -- i asked christen if i should call in and he said he wouldn't, so i tried to go to work. i did, i swear. i got dressed, and i drove there, but the simple act of driving the 15 minutes to get there made me feel like death. i walked in and went to heidi "i'm here and i'm early... please don't make me stay." so she let me go home, and jess said that everyone is sick -- marvin called in too, and holly is sick too but i don't know if she called in. i hope not; i hope she's well enough to work. i stopped at cvs on the way home and picked up a supersize bottle of tussin (not robitussin, just TUSSIN) and some cough drops and found my way home. christen was on the couch -- "no dice, huh?" and i just curled up beside him. so hopefully today i can medicate myself enough to go to work tomorrow.
in other news, though, i hate being home alone. it's so boring, and there's nothing good on tv. i could work on jamie's headboard, but that involves dragging it out in the living room and i don't know if i have that kind of strength. maybe later. i can't stand to sit up for more than a few minutes so i don't know if i can drag a piece of plywood around the house. we'll see.
i'm sure if i'm bored i'll put a new entry in here. for now i'll go take some more tussin and a nap.


sickity sick sick

oh, this weekend has been horrible. saturday i woke up with a sore throat but i thought it was just because i slept with my mouth open and because it was cold in the house. so i went ahead with my plan, which was to go to my mom's house and help with cleaning out my sister's room and (more importantly) her closet. it was really bad. there was evidentally a leak in the wall of her closet because when we finally got to the other end the wall was black, and it was ... bad. my allergies were really bothering me because she's got so many animals, so when you add that to the dust and the mildew, i was in very bad shape. i was supposed to spend the night at mom's, but by the end of the night i was coughing so bad and my throat was killing me and my face was all swollen up so i drove home. did i mention it was bad? i kept nearly falling asleep on the way home and i was up all night because of it. very very bad.
today wasn't quite as bad. i woke up pretty sick, but i took some advil and tried to get some sleep. mom called at 11:30 to see how i was and woke me up, so i took some robitussin and sat around. at 2 i decided to get out of the house so i went to joann's fabrics for the fabric for jamie's bedroom. i succeeded in getting absolutely all the fabric for her bedroom. done. yay! so now i need to go to walmart and get the endtables from walmart, a table from linens and things, and the bedding, which i'll probably try to get at kmart so i can charge it. oh, and the paint. so much to do, so little time. no time to be sick. so after joann's i came back home so i can rest some and hopefully i'll be able to go bowling tonight. we went friday night and it was no fun. it was busy and i couldn't find my ball, and they were doing the cosmic bowling thing which was distracting. i got 148 the first game (at another alley because university was too busy at the time) and then we played 2 games at university and i was around 100 both times. terrible. so i'm resting up and watching dr. t and the women (not that good of a movie, but what can you expect from oh!oxygen?) and working a little on the headboard for jamie's bed. i told christen i wasn't cooking because i didn't want to get everybody sick, so if we still see shea and kyle tonight we're going out. i should get more robitussin for the road.


o henry and t wolfe, as promised...

thus endeth thy hiatus.

it's not like i was trying not to write here, but i've become addicted to the geocaching forums and i'd rather be writing there than here recently. but now i'm back, even though the only reason i'm writing now is that i left work early because i didn't sleep last night and i *still* can't sleep. so i'm here.
so what's been going on, you ask? well, we've had more hurricanes since i've been gone. i don't think there are any on the horizon, but there's still six weeks left of the season, so we'll see how it plays out. for ivan the store didn't close and it missed this area completely. jeanne was forgotten about way over there in haiti, so when it came for us i don't think anyone noticed until it was here. right here. actually the eye passed about 5-10 miles north of my house, but we were one of the few that didn't lose power the whole time.
so what did we do?
we left. sunday was the hurricane, and monday we drove to asheville, nc, to see tmbg play at the orange peel (lots of applause...) they weren't coming here, so christen and i decided that we would drive up and do some geocaching and bum around town for a few days and see them. wow, that was a horrible drive. i think it would have been cheaper, and certainly would have kept us saner, if we would have just flown there and back. how's the public transit system there? i didn't notice. we may need to know for next time. but other than the drive (12 hours up with the hurricane, raining all the way there, and 12 hours back is a full 24 hours of our 3 day vacation) we had a blast. i spent way too much money on books (they have great bookstores in downtown there -- the captain's bookshelf on (get this) page ave. (i bought a 1950s robert graves edition of the greek myths and they had a *signed* copy of the boo by pat conroy! you can't find it anywhere! i couldn't justify spending 75 dollars though, so it stayed in asheville) and malaprop's on haywood street. the guy at malaprop's figured out the name of this spoken word album that i've wanted for the longest time but didn't know what it was called. they didn't have any there, so i ordered it from amazon for $2.37 when we got home. i also bought lucky, by alice sebold. that's an amazing book. i read it on the drive home. we passed a couple more shops but by then i had spent 60 bucks on books and didn't want to chance it. :) they might be giants were amazing, of course. this was my 7th time seeing them, and christen asked what time was the best. i can't choose -- they're always great. corn mo opened for them, and he's ... well, he's got a great voice, but he really needs to work on his accordian-playing skills. when linnell plays, he plays. corn mo sounds like he's just mad at the thing. but you have to admit, for someone to open with "caro mio bien" takes some balls. nothing like opera to quiet an indy-rock crowd.
we did about 5 caches while we were there too. well, we did 7, but one was a multi and we didn't have time to find the final cache and one we just couldn't find. i think it was us. i bought a $5 walking stick at a downtown hiking/mp store called [must figure this out, can't remember] on the way out of town i made christen stop at riverside cemetary and i took pictures of the graves of thomas wolfe and sidney porter -- o henry. i'll post pics; it was really neat. the day before we stopped to see wolfe's childhood home. i think i may buy look homeward, angel. i'd like to read it after reading all the history involved.
so back in tampa, we dragged ourselves back to work for 2 days and then had the weekend off together. so i dragged christen to our very first geoevent. it was a lot of fun -- a lot of fun. i brought baked mac & cheese, which turned out pretty good except that i made way too much of it and ended up with a whole tray of it that i brought to the event and a smaller casarole dish that i left at home. we fed on the casarole dish until today, because i finished it off for lunch. mmmm, mmmm, good. what was left of the other tray i brought to my mother's house and spooned it into a bowl for them to feed off. my only regret about the event is that we didn't know anybody and it wasn't the kind of event where people are introduced to you ... but the next one will be, if i have to host it myself. i've been talking to yuzawa kat about hosting one in tampa, maybe at lettuce lake park. one of these days i'll get out of my introverted funk ... well, i doubt it but we'll see. i'm pretty decent at organizing things, and kat said she'd help with the games etc. anyhow, i'll let you know if it comes to fruition.
christen and i have gotten pretty into bowling lately too. we went last night and my high score was a 158, which i thought was awesome. i'm having such a blast. christen seems to be on a downward slope and can't figure out what's wrong with his game, and i just don't know. we don't throw the same, so how can i fix his game? i do hope he figures it out soon though, because it's not as fun when he's not having a good time and he doesn't have a good time when he's frustrated by his throwing. this time leagues were happening and we got the one lane that wasn't being used by the leagues ... a couple games into it this drunk guy asks if he can join us, because he's here with his mom (she was in a league) and he's really bored. so he started bowling with us, and it was actually a lot of fun. his name was george, and he used to be in prison and hadn't bowled in 10 years. i know all this because he said it over and over and over and over ... you get the idea.
my desktop still isn't working properly. christen was trying to play unreal tournament and it kept freezing on him too. :( hopefully he can fix it, but otherwise we may be working on putting another one together. it's so sad, because this is the second one i've had and i've had nonstop problems with both.
i was blog surfing and there was one called vive teddy ruxpin. it was in some language i don't recognise, but teddy ruxpin, man! i had a teddy and a grubby that hooked together and sang, and the entire library of stories for teddy to read me, and a few outfits (like the tux for when he sang teddy's love songs). oh, how i miss the 80s. do any of those i love the 80s shows every mention my love for teddy? i don't think so.
well i know i had more to say but i don't remember -- probably because it's been so long since i posted. i'll try to be a more frequent visitor.