i've got the hook-ups.

finally i have my cable and internet back. yay! hehe. its been a long hard road filled with crappy phyllis whitney books (yeah, okay so it took the twentieth reading to realize how truly badly written they are, and yeah, i read them anyway) and spiderman II for the PS2. but now i'm polluting my mind with digital cable (they made me! i swear it! it was cheaper than installation cost!) and talking to jordan online. i know, i'm a sick bastard. but at least i have this blog to rant and write. i have another writing meeting on monday and i'm kinda worried because i haven't been doing too good on the whole writing thing. i've got one story i'm partial to and i'm going to share that one, but its only 3 pages or so and i think we decided on doing about 8 per session so i've gotta get cracking. i wrote a few pages the other day but i hated all of it. it was crappy. not exactly like a phyllis whitney book. i'm better than that, i think. and she got published, so i don't think all hope is lost.

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