so what the fuck.

so i'm waiting for christen to get home and i've spent the whole day with adrian. i have nothing to show for it. the laundry isn't folded and i've filled 5 large boxes with books and dvds and tapes and listened to adrian drone on and on, as is his way. the apt. looks pretty much the same; it doesn't look like i've been working. and perhaps i haven't. i did take down all the pictures. the walls are barren again, like they were when we moved in except with nails in the walls. i'll have to fill those in. i think i'm not working because no one else is. i am alone in the sea of boxes and clothes and crap. that's all it is -- useless crap we surround ourselves with because we're too scared to be without it. i'll chuck it all. screw it; its less to move.
you know that's a lie.
i know that's a lie.
i'll pack it tomorrow.

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drpoopypantz said...

They can't keep your deposit for Nail Holes, cuz that's expected Wear and Tear.
And they have to repaint anyway.
I had to move out AND in all by myself, so stop complaining. Moving just sucks. If you don't like doing it, don't do it. Just settle down somewhere and stay there forever. That's what I was telling people to do when I first moved in here.
And it's silly to be afraid to get rid of useless crap too. That habit can expand and expand until things really get bad.