he's done it again.

christen bought a new television. i'm not complaining; it's very pretty. he got a 50" grand wega sony lcd television. very big, very pretty. probably too much for our little apartment, but i talked him out of the 60", so 50" is good enough. :) i got jordan to come over tonight so he can help us move the old one into the dining room or so until we can get rid of it. christen wants to give it to his father if he wants it, but i hope he sells it to a friend instead. he could use the money toward this monster. i hope he gets 600-700 for the old tv, because it's still in great shape.
on a side note, hancock's fabrics called me back and said that i had the experience they were looking for but could only pay me 6.50 an hour. $6.50 an hour as an assistant manager! holy cow! how can they pay management that little and still be in business? geez. so no job. i guess i'll stay stressed here for nearly double that.

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