touch your audience ...

well, that's what the television says but i don't want to go to jail. i'll stick to myself.
i'm watching the PBA finals (that's the bowling world series to you) and, eh, yeah, i'm bored. there's no law & order on and i really don't feel like writing -- i'm hungry but i'm trying to hold out until christen gets home and i can make chicken bryan for both of us because i bought basil and goat cheese last week and haven't had a chance to use it yet. i want to go geocaching but its going to rain, i think, and i keep getting stuck trying to outrun the rain. i have two travel bugs to drop out there -- barkley the wonder pup and a weeping buddha. i posted them with hello so you can see them too. i think after hurricane francis is done with i might get out there some more. its just so freaking hot that i can't stay outside for more than a few minutes without the heat getting to me.
the kids are at it again. the freaking children that play outside my building have been playing kickball or something in an area that is only 20 feet wide or so and they've hit my window twice. i've gone out and yelled at them twice, but i'm not taking it anymore. if they do it again i'm finding their parents. i've dealt with the noise while they play every night until sundown, rain or shine, but i'll be gosh darned if i'm going to deal with my living room window getting beamed with a freaking ball. i'll beam them, i'm telling you.
in other pretty good news regarding the people i live near, the nasty people who live above me had a baggy on their door from animal services that was dark red and said in menacing type: FINAL NOTICE. hehehe. i wonder what that was about. i always feel bad for their dogs because i've never ever seen them be walked in the two months i've lived here. one of the dogs was chained to the front porch once -- he was a pretty calico colored boxer.
so i don't know if i should worry about hurricane francis. they say it should miss us, but it was supposed to hit us last time and it didn't, so maybe they'll be wrong this time too. i can't help wanting it to hit here -- not that i want the distruction or anything, but i just want it here. i haven't seen a hurricane since elena when i was six. and that was just a lot of rain. all i can remember is watching the rain hit the pool while surrounded with old people. well they weren't all old -- my mom was (ouch! my mom was near my age!) in her 20s, aunt kaye was in her 30s and my gram and her friend were in their 50s or 60s -- but i was 6! they were all old as hell.
i'm going to say screw it. i'll be fine. there's food if we need it, and if there's no electricity when it stops raining we'll grill outside. i'm going to get some more tea.

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