a quickie

You know you're in for an intellegent conversation with someone when you mention '80s hair bands and they bring up Flock of Seagulls.


VegasGustan said...

I was always a fan of Dexy's Midnight Runners...but that is just me.

Mr Anigans said...

i was going to form a techno band using samples from Dark Crystal and call us Skekses Midnight Runners

panthergirl said...

How about Haircut 100?

Carmi said...

I'm partial to Culture Club. Not because I ever liked them, mind you. Rather, it's because everyone in the 80s insisted on calling me "Karma Chameleon" as a bizarre sort of term of endearment.

Thank goodness those years are sufficiently buried by history.

Visiting from Michele's this afternoon. I like your perspectives on literary culture.