Stupid Error Messages

It's 8:35am and I feel like posting, but I get an
error message from Blogger: Blogger down for
maintainence. This downtime will last 1 hour from
4:30pm-5:30pm PST." Umm ... did they fall asleep
maintaining their servers? Because I'm pretty sure I'm
only 3 hours ahead of PST. Oh well, this post will
just have to be posted ... posthumously (the topic
will be dead by then).
I've been very busy with Lola the past few days,
playing with and training her. The first couple days
she was here she had a bunch of accidents, but now
she's almost completely housebroken. She has a bell to
ring when she wants to go out, the only problem is
that now she rings it when she wants to go out and
play. I humor her though, because I have nothing
better to do and it gets her learning what the bell is
for. She runs in the backyard and gets all the
puppyness out of her system so she can be a "hangs
around the house" dog when she comes back in. She is
also pretty much cratetrained now too -- I started to
put her food and water in the back of the crate so she
has to go all the way in to eat or drink so she gets
used to going in there for other reasons than because
I'm leaving. She knows "sit", and after all this
house/crate training is good to go I'll start her on
lay down and roll over.

So I was also thinking (while Lola and I were on our
walk) that I'm starting to understand those blogs that
go on and on about their children. Because whenever
they do the cutest thing or the most pain in the butt
thing, you want to tell everyone. That's what I feel
about Lola. Not that I mind baby-blogs, I love
children so I like to know what they're up to. But
I'll try not to make this a baby blog. Because Lola is
my baby, and right now she's curled up at my feet
waiting patiently for me to take her on a nice long
walk to the craft fair so she can be ogled and adored
by strangers.


utenzi said...

Michele sent me this way, April (and Lola).

Since you're the Frog Princess, April, I was expecting to scroll down and see a picture of a frog--but no! It's a pet dog, and a young one at that. But not small! She looks like a serious hazard to your realm of frogs! LOL I wish you and your subjects well with your new pet, April.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Do I need an optician, or has your font-size shrunk? Perhaps Blogger are playing about again.

Here via Michele.

honestyrain said...

ohhhh blogger. i remember the days. so frustrating.

congrats on your little furry addition!

michele sent me :)

phoenix said...

Hi April! What kind of dog is Lola? She looks like a shepard/lab mix but then again what can I tell from a few pictures :) Hi from Michele!

ribbiticus said...

hi! lola is so cute! of course, you have the right to blog about her whenever you want. nobody'll mind. i know i wouldn't coz i have 2 of my own whom i love to bits. :)

the frog princess said...

Lola is a Shepard Chow Mix, and she's 8 months old. She's a sweetheart :)

Morah Mommy said...

She sounds so cute. We are a dog family without a dog right now. Hopefully one day soon we will get one.

Puppies are little babies with fur and when they grow up they won't talk back! Keep telling us stories about her.

Michele sent me!

L said...

you lucky duck! I love puppies!!