Pick My Spot

at this Web site, you can find out what community fits you best. Here are my Top 6:

Hickory, NC
Tulsa, OK
Clarksville, TN
Greenville, SC
Oklahoma City, OK
Athens, GA

Sound like me? Yeah, to me too ...


Jamie said...

Aww- I knew we get along. Athens is the BEST!

Autumn said...

My Top 6

Hartford, Conn
Providence, Rhode Island (huh)
Boston, Mass
Worchester, Mass
Charleston, WV (not likely)
Eugene, Oregon

Up north small cities are for me.

I also got Sheboygam Wisconsin, but I can't imagine living in Wisconsin. That Yuper accent would slay me!

glomgold said...

Baltimore, MD
Charleston, WV
Frederick, MD
Norfolk, VA
San Bernadino, CA
Chesapeake-Virginia Beach, VA

This site seems to be trying to steer me someplace. Obviously when I didn't list crime as my top concern, they took that to mean, "sure, go and slum it up in Bal'more". heh.

birdwoman said...

I swear, I pushed the agree strongly button for the "I HATE HUMIDITY" statement, but somehow, that got overruled, and it tried to put me in virginia and NC. No thanks.