that bowl is just super!

So we had a Superbowl party of sorts yesterday. It was fun, sort of half-assed, and I had a lovely time. I hope a lovely time was had by all. I kept forgetting to invite people, so if I left you out I am monumentally sorry -- can I plead drunkeness? Shea, Kyle and Mike came, some of the girls from work, Shellbell and her Monkey boy, my beautiful friend from college -- Tree, and her fiance. Food and drink was had by all, and the entire room was rooting for the Seahawks except for Kyle's lone voice.

So I'm now relaxing on my couch with a glass of Copolla Red Zin and the computer. I'm almost through Lee Martin's From Our House, at which time I'm going back to Look Homeward, Angel. On the book agenda for this month are the above two books, Crime and Punishment and to finish As I Lay Dying. Should be fun!

Question: what Web sites (other than blogs) are you addicted to?

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