Pure poetry for you

for autumn.

autumn is death
for the play in numbers
finding joy in places
of brilliant creation.

autumn is death
with a straight razor
at the throat of a plump gazelle
or boar, stealing life
from worthlessness.

autumn is life
within death
a voice of succulent
in her marrow
of midnight danger.

autumn brings me
dandelions and calla lilies
in fanciness
in happiness
and in death.


humbles bodies bound to the sheets
and tablets
of my youth
I am setting them to
their freedom
drenched in the
dreary dances of martyrs,
tiptoeing promises by
way of thy
turquoise inkwells
and cranberry dreams.
Sangria in the sands.


Quiet rains on the little children
feigning stillness, their minds
running the quarter-mile track as
antsy fingers drum on pews.
They will know darkness once again.
Intangible knowledge of the
original love and death
roses and apples
red wine in little cups
for the little children bathed in white
before midnight comes
the midnight will come
the midnight has come
the white will turn to black
will turn to red
ruby blood in little cups
raining on the little children.

Thunder Oath

rivers flowing upstream in the briskness
Gimme a light, he will scream into the wind.
I will hold him close, the small fire of ash burning

Into me.

Forgive the moment
I wanted tonic
In my life
You were worth knowing too.

Creature hangs in midair
To choke retorts
In Greek to the masses
Gimme a light, he will whisper to the whore
But there is no light to be held
in her breasts.
Only death.

Christen the fortune
Of men who knew life in her arms
For they are spared in the ecstasy
Of dreams.
One who knows death
Can never know pain.
They will down in the rivers of
barreling upstream.


L said...

what's shakin', bacon?

VegasGustan said...

Nice. I would expound or critique, but my brain hurts.

The Autumn Star said...

having the name "autumn" i'm going to sound bias, but i thought they were all wonderful!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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