Shower you with bullets

Long time no see,
So it has come to my attention that I have been neglecting my blog. I know I have; I just haven't the time for it lately. However, I was told that I need to think of my dear readers and put a couple lines up here so you know I'm not dead (yet) so I thought I would brief you in bullets (but not debrief you in bullets; that would be bad). Since last we spoke:
**Went to Pensacola for Christen's cousin Matt's wedding. The wedding was beautiful, the bar open, and the seafood delicious but mostly overpriced. The best place we ate was Peg-Legged Pete's on the beach, which had a fantastic fish chowder. There was a place named Crabs (we got 'em) which we didn't eat at but it lent itself to a barrage of jokes for the weekend.
**Went to the band reunion this weekend. It was so fun; I had an amazing time and caught up with so many old friends. Friday night was the concert, Saturday afternoon the picnic, Saturday night the banquet and afterward we overran Chili's and then went back to one guy's house for a party and I didn't get home until 6am! I don't generally party that hard, but it was so nice to hang out with some of the old crowd -- it was like no time had passed. I can't wait to start hanging out with those that I can soon :)
**Sunday was Mother's Day but my mom had to work all day so I took the kids shopping for her and to the mall, etc. We had an all around good time and Mom came over that night for dinner and to hang out for a bit -- I made shrimp kabobs and rice for us and chicken for the kids (they don't do shrimp) and Jamie made brownies for dessert. We ate outside on the deck and visited -- an all-around great relaxing night.
**Shell's wedding: coming up this weekend. I've made beach bags and painted wine goblets for the bachelorette party, and everything looks great. We are making our own flower arrangements on Friday morning for the wedding, and the bachelorette party is Friday night (we're doing a spa night with massages, manicures and pedicures, and wine and a beachfront hotel. Saturday is the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner and Shell and I are staying in the honeymoon suite at the wedding location that night. Sunday she gets hitched!
**After the wedding Christen and I are going on vacation -- yay! It's well-deserved and well-needed, I think. We haven't decided where to go; we're supposed to do some deciding tonight. Usually I like going up to the Carolinas, but he wants to head more west, like Missouri, Mississippi and stuff. Please tell me what there is to do in those areas, and what the camping is like? I'm a little wary.
Well, that's all for now. If I'm not back again before June, you know it's because I've been busy not because I don't love you!


ordinarygirl said...

I've lived in Missouri and both of the Carolinas. Personally I like the Carolina mountains or the beach better, but maybe that's because it's full of memories.

There's the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri, which is a pretty nice place to go. Branson is campy, but there are lots of other things to do in the area including hiking, caving (is that a word), or hanging out at the lake. There are cabins you can rent if you don't want to go as rustic as camping.

Another fun thing to do in Missouri is to tour the wineries. There are several near St. Louis area. October is a big time for people to take a tour through several on a weekend. I've always wanted to go, but my husband doesn't drink, and I've never convinced my sister to take a roadtrip after flying or driving in for a few days.

I haven't been to Mississippi since I was a child. My brother and his wife love to go down and spend a week near the river boats, but I'm not much one for gambling. Of course, most casinos now have more to do than just gambling.

Are you thinking of camping specifically or just doing something relaxing?

Jamie said...

You're alive, yea!

VegasGustan said...

Glad you are having fun, hope it continues!

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