back to the land of the living ...

I'm not quite finished moving but I've decided I've had it. Everything left, well, I haven't missed it in the last week, now have I? Maybe I won't notice if I just trash it all. I do still need to put in my change of address because I'm not getting my bills, and though I don't mind this I'm sure Capital One does.

And I've missed all of you terribly so I've decided to come back to ze blawgin' communidy.

I lied though; I can't throw anything away so I'm sure I won't trash it all. I just have to get the mometum to go back and grab everything. For this weekend I'm taking it easy. We bought a new couch from Kanes to be picked up tomorrow, and my family is coming over tonight to see the new place and to hang out (and the little sister will be spending the night). I plan on a nice dinner at the diner around the corner and some local shopping and geocaching. Woohoo, sounds like fun! Christen has been taking care of his dad for the past few days so I've been home organizing all my books and dvds and kitchen stuff -- it's been lonely but great fun; we all know how much I love to organize. I hate to pack and I detest moving, but I revel in the reorganizing. I have a library now! Life is good.

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