gettin' down with the sickness ...

So being sick has allotted me the time that I otherwise would not have to watch movies. I'd read, but for two reasons: one, my head, it was a-poundin' the entire 5 days of illness; and two, I packed all of my books last week and dragged them over to the new house. It's a very dreary house indeed, one with no books. But there's always Blockbuster and HBO on Demand! So here's what I've watched Friday Sunday and Monday:

The Incredibles
In Good Company
The Counterfeit Contessa
The Prince and Me
Bowling for Columbine
Cinderella Story
Groundhog Day
3 episodes of Family Business

... and I'm sure a number of others. It's been fun! Some of those would have ended up on MooCow's "I watch bad movies so you don't have to" list, but I found most of them thoroughly enjoyable. If it helps, I would have watched a Mary Kate & Ashley movie if I would have caught it on television. And I DVR'd (the Brighthouse equiv. of TIVO) The Prince and Me because Christen refused to watch it with me. And tomorrow I shall return to the land of the living -- well, almost. New Jersey Insurance, here I come!

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