So I was going to hold off and tell everyone on Monday, but y'all know I'm terrible at that.

So. ...

I'm engaged! Christen asked me to marry him tonight, and of course I said yes! Pictures of the ring to follow as soon as I'm sober enough to find the camera, and pictures of the engagement to follow as soon as Kyle's sober enough to email them to me!

I love you all!

Yay!!!! I'm engaged!


Thumper said...

CONGRATS! Be sure to tell him he's a lucky man :)

VegasGustan said...

That is so great! Congrats. He is a lucky man and I've never even met you.

NPR Junky said...

Congratulations, FP!!!! That's wonderful!

birdwoman said...

OK, I know I left a comment in here last week... guess blogger ate it.

CONGRATS! and your ring is beautiful! Did your boy pick it out all on his lonesome?