Huzzah for new books, coming soon!

So I was killing time at work before I got out, and I was perusing the internet (fancy that, eh?), mostly looking for luau-related recipes and items ... and I ended up on Amazon searching my favorite authors to see if any new books have come out ... and look was I found!

I'm so excited! Yay, September! (that's when they both come out)


mrsmogul said...

I always pick up Nick Horny but never bought his books...now I'm too busy to read a book...I can survive on a catalog.

the frog princess said...

The only Hornby book I don't recommend is Fever Pitch and that's only because the plot is a little empty; it's more of a vehicle for his obsession with soccer (or football, depending on your continental choice). All the other ones are fabulous!!

birdwoman said...

I'm on vacation and one of the first things I did was walk through the bookstores picking up several different books that just caught my fancy. Book Lust, indeed!