Ballade Vor Chue

Okay, so I know I said I'd tell you how the soup was ... it sucked. Pretty bad, actually. We poured it down the disposal and made something else, but I wasn't feeling well so he ate and I sat around. Kyle and Shea came over, but Shea was just as out of it as I, more so even, so we sat around watching tv and when she fell asleep in the chair I went to bed and left the boys to their work outside.

I dreamt last night of high school, but only sort of. In my dream I was my age, but I stopped by the school to take a shower on my from my grandmother's house to the Ringling Museum. Now's when you'd need to know that none of those places are anywhere near eachother, nor are they in line at all so that it may have been convenient to do this. But I got there and it was graduation and the marching band was doing a final show (which they don't do at graduation). They were playing The Magic Flute, and my high school boyfriend was the drum major (he wasn't, in high school) and he was wearing a robe that looked like the one Mickey Mouse wore in the animated version, and he hugged me and I felt his "cash and prizes", as Jamie puts it, up against my leg. But all my friends from high school were there and playing with the band, but somehow I was older than everyone ... I guess it's because I've moved on from hanging out with all those people and sometimes I miss then, you know how it is. I'm so different than the person I was in high school, definitely for the better, but I miss some of those relationships. Things were so much easier.

In other news, I put the Jack Johnson album on my iPod last night, but when I put the CD in my laptop to upload it, a message came up to pick which album it was:
  • On and On
  • In Between Dreams
  • In Between Dreams
So I picked the first "In Between Dreams" and that was evidently the Spanish-language version, because now all the song titles are in Spanish on my iPod. Not that I care too much, but it's interesting. :) I also put Ben Folds' Rockin' the Suburbs and Evanescence's The Open Door. I don't know about Evanescence -- they're alright, but Lacuna Coil is so much better that in that genre (the beautiful-chick-voice-over-scary-dark-music genre) they just pale. But I'm giving the new album a chance. The guy in the next cube said he liked it better than the last one, so I'll try it out. I in turn am making a copy of Camalies for him so he can see how Cristina Scabbia does it.

I've decided I need stock in Chick-fil-a. I stop there every single morning. Yesterday I decided to skip the one near my house and ended up stopping anyhow at the one near work. I have an addiction, I know, but I just can't stop. Those damn chicken minis and sweet tea ... awesome. Pure ecstasy in rush-hour traffic. Today I gave up the ghost and stopped immediately (althought running late for work) thus giving me time to savor those doughy bisquit wrappings ....

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NPR Junky said...

I never knew they did breakfast. Those crazy cow lovers.