You had me at "What the fuck?"

So I keep meaning to start blog posts, but somehow I can't figure out what to say. Everything tends to sound the same to me -- everything I write, anyhow. So I'll just out with it -- screw it. Who's reading anyhow, besides maybe my mom?
My sister's birthday went well; I went over with her gifts and she loved them. She and the brother came over for a little while when Mom went to work. It was fun, nothing too big. Wednesday Shell and I wandered the mall for a bit with her friend Theresa from work, then went for sushi at Soho Sushi (still good, but not as good as last time we went) and for a stroll through DSW where I picked up an adorable pair of black Steve Madden tennis shoes for free with my store credit (still $3.39 left!) and got home early to lay half asleep on the couch watching tv until 11. Thursday we stopped by JoAnn's to get some things for the Halloween party and lagged about at home. Christen made a delectable chicken with a combination of different marinades, and I made potatoes and croissants ... it was nice. Tonight we are going out with Shea and Kyle for dinner and then to The Zone for drinks with them and Charlie and Katie. I got an email from Charlie this afternoon -- they're finally moved back here! I'm super excited -- I'm pretty sure we'll have as much fun not smashed as we did last time when we did the whole drunk "I lovvvveee you guuuuuuyyyyssssss" ...
So now that I've done my dry "This was my week" speech, I think I'll leave you now to watch some ghost stories on the travel channel. Toodles!

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Hey! Don't forget about your favorite DE reader!