Hearts aflutter

It's amazing the emotional connection you have to certain songs, groups, artists. The song Angel, even though it's generally a sappy pain in the ass sort of song, elicits that emotion. When I was 14 I liked this guy. He was a friend's ex, but he and I had become really good friends and he was over one evening listening to music. That song came on and I sat next to him, so close that our legs were touching. He looked all introspective, so I asked him if he was thinking about . He said no, there was no way he could be thinking of her in this situation. Then we made out. It was illicit and made my heart go all aflutter. We never dated; it was just that one snog, but when I listen to Angel I still get that feeling.

I was reminded of this feeling while sorting cds at the library last night. I came across a few albums by Collin Raye. Ever heard of him? I couldn't stand him. But the summer after high school I went on a church trip to North Carolina. I desperately liked this boy named Brian, though I really don't know why. He listened to Collin Raye, so I tried (with all my heart, I tried) and we held hands under the pillows in the van. No kissing, just holding hands, but still that feeling.

There are a few songs that make me think fondly of my last relationship, and most U2 songs remind me of Gary, my longest high school romance. Those connections never go away, I guess. I don't think I'd want them to, though.

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Jamie said...

I know what you mean. Sometimes I would like for that to go away though...