Ring of Fire

Somehow thinking about posting doesn't seem to be enough to actually get my thoughts on here.

I don't think anything of consequence happened last week, therefore you didn't get any posts from me. I considered it, plotted my humor, calculated my words ... but somehow the moment passed me by and I come to you a week later with another "how I spent my summer vacation" sort of briefing.

So I've started at the library. It's fun, in a nerdy kind of way. I've been alphabetizing the VHS tapes, weeding the Cliff's Notes and checking the CDs for scratches. It tires me out the way I never thought it would -- who'da thunk it? But it's nice, and if I ingratiate myself a bit more then I might actually feel like I'm making a difference. Right now I feel like I'm just biding time; treading water. But I feel like that concerning a lot of things right now so what's the difference?

Halloween we didn't end up with quite as many kids as we thought we'd get. I bought two bags of candy, and I told Christen to get one more bag and he got three instead. So now we have loads of extra candy, and I've fallen in love with tootsie rolls. I keep them in my pockets :) I also love the flavored ones, though I know I'm alone in that -- which is fine, more for me! Unfortunately (or fortunately, if you're looking at the waistline effect) we did not get any banana laffy taffys. Or banana Now'n'Laters. Now you know what my favorite flavor candy is.

Thursday the utility company accidentally cut our cable line, so we were without internet and cable until Saturday afternoon. I was pissed beause I missed CSI, but moreover it was just sad that we were so easily bored without cable and internet. We started a puzzle, but it was a black and white of James Dean and we kept getting frustrated with it. I couldn't even read; it was too quiet in the house. We played poker and rummy and watched Walk the Line and High Fidelity until we fell asleep. It was sad -- our conversation skills aren't usually so bad, but it seemed that without the background noise we were dead in the water. Friday night we went to the International Car Show at the Convention Center, which is more for him than for me but I usually have a good time too. I sat in a few cars and played the Geico Plinko game which netted me a plastic dancing gecko. Since I work for a rival insurance company, I think I'm going to make little devil's horns and put it on my desk -- should be loads of fun :)

Saturday was the SH Wine Festival, and we went with Shea & Kyle. Shea made plastic wine glasses with polka dots and our names on them for us to drink out of so if we dropped it, we wouldn't break it. I did end up dropping my glass, but not because I was drunk (not yet anyhow). But we had a nice meal at Whistle Stop - I had calamari salad and we all shared a pitcher of Sangria. By the end of the night Shea and I were sloshed, but it was a great time and Christen was the designated driver so we were able to drink to our heart's content.

Sunday we had our engagement photos done. I hope I like at least one or two -- I am not fond of pictures of myself, so I know I'll be unhappy with them, but here's to hoping. The photographer and his wife were really nice. They are friends of my dad's, and I hadn't had a chance to meet them until yesterday.We met them at the park and they shot a ton of pictures. They are also doing our wedding, so it was good to meet them first and have them do a shoot with us so I could see how they work. Other than that outing, we spent most of the day watching football, and I won the football pool at work, so I'm coming into a bit of money! Hallelujah! :)

And that brings us up to date. Stay tuned, I might actually make an appearance before next Monday!

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