37 cents.

We had such a terrible dinner last night. We were all out in Orlando- Shea, Kyle, Christen and I, and wanted to go to our very favorite restaurant out there -- Jungle Jim's. They have fantastic burgers, and not ones that we can get out here, so we always make the effort to go there. So we get there around 6:30 and THEY'RE CLOSED. No note on the door, no "We've moved our location", just gone. So we drove out to the Church St. Station location, which I haven't been to in 6-7 years, and we couldn't find them either. So back to Crossroads, and we ended up eating at Buffalo Wild Wings, and the food was terrible, the service was horrible, and the manager didn't give a rat's ass. All around bad, bad experience. Although none of ever leave bad tips, we snuck out with only leaving a 37-cent tip because we were all just so mad. I've never done that -- usually I will just round my dollars down instead of up if I'm unsatisfied. This time -- well, I'm never going back there anyhow. Not to the one here either, actually. Other April said she's never had a bad experience there but I'm not chancing it. If you work for BWW, please don't try to bribe me with coupons -- I don't even want them.

Other than that, though, it was a pretty decent weekend. As I mentioned, I was drunk on Friday night. Actually, I went to happy hour at Bar Louie, and although I really wasn't that tipsy while leaving, I opted to get a ride home anyhow, and by the end of the ride I felt trashed so it was a good thing I got a ride. It was way fun, and I was so glad I went.

Other highlights:

-- Went to dinner Saturday night with Christen's parents and my dad. Leaving, I was talking to my dad and he goes, "I've never noticed how green your eyes are", and I said, well, I'm wearing contacts ... and he was aghast that he didn't even notice! :) It was very funny. I'm not wearing colored contacts, but my eyes are a dark hazel so they range from more brown to more green.

-- Went to the outlet mall in Orlando w/ the crew on Sunday. Fun, and I got two shirts for very cheap. Downtown Disney yielded a bath bomb (incentive for me to clean the bathtub) and almond soap. We also stopped in to Ragland Road for a beer and appetizer which was very cute, but next time we'll opt for the outside "Hole in the Wall" bar. It seems to have a bit more character. There is a Guiness Hat picture floating hereabouts of Shea and I. We also played minigolf, and I came in last. Great fun!

Work now, but it hasn't been too bad. I'm looking forward to the three-day weekend! 1/2 day down, 4 1/2 left!

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