Selfish you

You never are a person I can lean on. You're so preoccupied with your own problems. Is it selfish of me to wish that you'd care about me? That you'd answer my phone calls, or call me back? I'm not asking you to do anything. I'm just asking for you to listen. I'm sick of listening.


L said...

uh oh... I hope you're not talking about me....

I'll listen to you, I swear :)

hey, there's an interesting art show in Tampa tomorrow night if you are interested in going

VegasGustan said...

Ouch. Man, who ever that is too I hope they get their head out of their ass.

birdwoman said...

wow, that's harsh. But, I'll bet the person in question wouldn't even recognize his own behavior.

Some people are like that. I've had friends like that and recognize that's what they are, and don't commisserate with them. Instead, I party with them.

And I try hard NOT to be a friend like that.


Jamie said...

Aww, I know the feeling.

I'll read ya any day!