Yay for prez day!

I'm so happy to have a 3-day weekend. You don't even understand. The regular weekend went by pretty quickly. Saturday we ran errands and tried to help my mom replace her sliding glass door. No good. We also went to get our sample cake, which turned out okay after only a mild breakdown by yours truly. Sunday we spent most of the day at home, cleaning and addressing invitations.

Today I have a very busy day planned. Taxes, hair dye, dinner with the almost-hubby, and more invitation addressing. Sounds delightful!


NPR Junky said...

Do you know that you are the first person I know (besides goverment employees and teachers) that had today off?

the frog princess said...

Actually, even the teachers didn't have the day off around here :) I'm not sure why my company gave us the day off, but I'm not about to complain!

TrueJerseyGirl said...

I didn't even have President's Day off. I had to work after my Mardi Gras party! Not fair!!!