so html isn't that hard to remember, evidentally...

...because i knew it partially a long time ago but i still doubted that i would remember how to fix this template so it would be usable for my purposes. but i did it! and it didn't take all night! [sidenote -- the amazing quote of the day~ "can we find the nipple?" said on the opening credits of body work, that plastic surgery show on tlc] anyhow, it took about an hour to get it together, change the colors and placement of the type and my background picture (i took that picture, the smokey mountain national park, north carolina) and add links to the side bar. now the only thing i can't figure out is how to move the description line (that's it up in the top left) to the middle under the header. any takers?
so this way i can play more with my template, which i like. i still wish someone would have done it for me, but i'm just as impatient as i am lazy. so there.
ivan the terrible is headed to tampa, so i added a link for ivan-at-work's live journal to commemorate. he'll be appreciative of the nod anyhow. ivan (pick which one you think i'm referring to) looks to be increasingly obnoxious, but hopefully it'll stay far away. hehe. yeah, so OD boarded up yesterday, per corporate. they just drove up and boarded up our windows and doors. it's now very dark in there. i started singing dance magic (david bowie) earlier at work for no reason so i've now decided to watch labrynth while i finish typing this, and i'll have something to listen to while i try to do some writing. we've changed our bi-weekly meeting to a week from monday because of derned ivan. at least i may have something written by them.
i want a dog named merlin. maybe i should change jacob the snakob's name.
give me the child. through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered. i have fought my way here to the castle beyond the goblin city to take back the child you have stolen. for my will is as strong as yours, and my kingdom is as great.
you have no power over me.
[insert -- this is care of orlando weekly's NOTW: power outages, we have concluded, are a blessing. They cut you off from the nattering nabobs of hurricanism, to paraphrase that great American statesmen, Spiro Agnew. Beginning Sept. 3, right through Sept. 6, one could – if one was unlucky enough to still have power and cable – have watched wall-to-wall coverage of Frances' crawl across the Atlantic, including live reports from the beach every time a cloud approached. Tom Terry should be flogged. {my note -- this continues with Ivan)
hehe. more later. i need to write.

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