how do you like dem apples?

i don't know what to write, which is funny because i've actually had some good ideas for stories. i just don't know where to go with them. i keep having ideas at night or in the mornings -- close to sleep, and i know these are the best ideas, but once i'm fully awake i can't seem to figure out where the story is to go. so i couldn't think so i took a bath, and now i'm watching (oh, guess) law & order. i think that's where some of these wierd stories are coming from, because both stories i've started have death in them. the third is just a few paragraphs; i can't figure out that one at all. i've continued down several paths with it, death, no death, but i keep returning to the first few paragraphs. so screw it, why bother writing at all? mostly because i don't want to stay the rest of my life at OD.
frances was here, the giant pain in the rear. it didn't affect me much; we closed the store on sunday and i was off on monday and tuesday. bored me to tears sun and mon -- finally tuesday i was able to get out and about. went bowling. i think i'm getting pretty good.
well, i'm not doing too good tonight; i can't even type a well-turned sentence. so i'm off. ta ta!

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