it's googlicious!

so for some reason now i can use google. i don't know why, though i have indeed missed it. i've had this laptop for nearly 2 years now and google has never worked; no one knows why -- it's pure mystery. it's like, every time i download flash so i can see nifty websites and the tmbg website, the laptop refuses to realize that i have downloaded flash and therefore tells me that i don't have it. mystery. but anyways, i've never been able to use google, and because of that i've never been able to use yahoo and other google-based search engines. google has evidentally updated their site, because now there are balloons and fruit, and i can (tada!) use it! yay!
so there. nanny-nanny-boo-boo.
also, i downloaded this thing called trillian (trillion?) for messaging. it is supposed to condense all your messenger programs into one. but now i can't find it. now granted, i haven't looked, but shouldn't it automatically show up? i'll search tomorrow. it's like my notebook. all i have to do is tear apart the laptop and i'll find it. i'll let you know how it works. if anyone has any experience with it, lemme know, k?
christen and i bowled 9 games tonight. we were there for 4 hours. we've decided $43 later that we aren't going to bowl 9 games in one night again. we'll see on sunday. my top game was 151, but my low game (the first one, as usual) was 88. not a great spread. all the other games were over 100, some just barely and some way over.
i bought a new book today. actually, i bought two new books, but one was john irving so i don't count it. (that one was a prayer for owen meany, if you care. and the reason i don't count irving's books is because he always disappoints me; his plots are so amazing but i don't like the way he writes. i heard that prayer was especially good, so i'm giving it a shot). i bought a book called as the crow flys, and i've never heard of the author, but it looked good so i'll let you know.
jordan, you still have to borrow darkly dreaming dexter. you're missing out. it's awesome.
i know the new template is, well, blank, but i changed to a template with a picture in the background. the problem is, i didn't like the guy's picture so much so i need to find a free photo host to host a picture of mine that i can put in the background. and that way i can change it as i wish.
well, a movie awaits and rocky road ice cream. mmm mmm good. :)

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