How I know she's mine.

So I was heating up my "Legumes of the Gods" (see prior entry) and Lola had gotten into something, as she always does. It sounded like she was eating a bead, and I knew I didn't have any beads out and about that she could get to, so I was concerned. Actually I'd be concerned if she was eating a bead too, as they're small and can get lodged in her throat ... but that's a digression. Anywho, so I tried to get her to spit it out, but of course she won't, so I go back into the kitchen while looking back at her to see if it falls out of her mouth. Even though it's small, I can see that she's having trouble with whatever t is, so I watch and then it falls. I grab the nape of her neck so she doesn't go back in for the kill and pick up the little piece of something to inspect it further. It's glass. A little piece of reddened glass. You know why she's chewing on it? Because it's there.

Speaking of which, I need to go out today and get some underwear. I'm pitifully low on stock, and it's her fault. They always end up in the back yard. But I guess it's cheaper than the shoes I was replacing before.


NPR Junky said...

darling, that sounds JUST LIKE my mama's dogs. They like to play with her underpants too!

Have fun shopping for some! Perhaps you should a) keep the dirties in a hamper, or b) keep them above where she can reach?

Jamie said...

My doggie loved to chew my bra straps if I left them on the floor. It got so bad and I couldn't afford to replace so I had to staple them back together.

Good thing she grew up, I no longer leave my underwear on the floor, and have been able to replace them all!

sunshine said...

My dog eats the rocks out of the fire place. Sometimes she can be super smart - but most of the time she is just dumb.

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