The divine and the bored.

Recovering from a weekend that was half delicious and half lazy and boring is a bit of a challenge. Do you rest from the crazy fun night you had Friday night? Or do you get out and do something to combat the lay-in-bed-and-watch tv night you had Saturday? I haven't decided which needs to be done, but I suspect some laundry washing is in store.

Friday night I went out with L and had a marvelous time. We went to dinner at Ceviche -- I had the mussels and the baked goat cheese, and I snacked on everyone else's tapas as well -- there were mushrooms, salmon, artichokes (which I've never liked before, but they were wonderful), and an amazing duck in chocolate sauce. The sangria was a little weak but tasty, and since we were moving on to more alcohol that was definitely fine.

Afterward we hit the Independent, which was very enjoyable, but probably would have been more fun if there were slightly less people. It happened to be First Friday, which always brings out the less regulars, and since the bar is between Central and 1st, people tend to migrate. I drank Ococim and whatever Bill poured in my glass between beers ... the people watching was great. Bill and I drooled over barely legal frat boys, watched two girls make a show of making out on the sidewalk, there was a boy-fight, I fell once, L fell at least once, and I met lots of yummy people whose names elude me.

Saturday was more of a recovery day, I suppose. I slept in, which never happens (about 9:30), and we did very little all day. We registered for china at Macy's and wandered around Westshore mall for a bit, had Evo's for lunch (mmm, garden grill) and then came home. I climbed into bed around 6pm because I was exhausted, but didn't sleep and instead watched more than my share of DIY shows and Law & Order (most definitely not a DIY show -- that would just be weird).


L said...

I'm glad you had a good time :) But I totally missed the fight! oh well... let's do it again sometime soon

VegasGustan said...

Sounds like a great time and after all the shit you have been going through you obviously deserved it. I hope something has changed with your best friend. Losing someone who has been in your life for so long can sometimes be worse than losing a family member. You choose your friends and they choose you, your family comes automatically.

TrueJerseyGirl said...

Sounds like you and I should be hanging out.

I hope you are going to blog about your friend who was being so mean???

King Pao Fu said...

That was a fun night. It was nice to meet you. But for the record I need to again say to you that it was Andrew Jackson, not Samuel Jackson, who was once president. What kind of books do you read anyway??:) Ah, it was probably the beer...at least you didn't start any fights. But you DID slightly maim that bush. It had it coming.