"Do you know how big the crack is?"

... innocent question overheard many times at my job.

I'm excited for a variety of reasons. a) The Gators are in the Final 4. Say what you like about basketball and the Gators, but they've been my team for always except six months in 9th grade when I was dating FSU fan Mark Nelson. But then we broke up and I went back to my first love -- UF. And the Gators are the only team that will drag me into watching my most loathed "game" -- basketball. I detest basketball. But I'll watch it for my boys.

Reason for excitement b) I only have 11 more days of work before I get my vacation for my wedding. Hurrah! I need to set up appointments for mani/pedi (Shell, same place as usual? I need to see Leeney) and mostly I need to relax. God, I need this vacation. Everyone should get married just to get 2 1/2 weeks off work. What? Is that not reason enough?

Reason for excitement c) My bachelorette party is starting to come together -- yay for free (hopefully) drinks! We've got a hotel room for all the girls at the Hyatt Regency, and we're going to go to Spain for tapas (I know, seems like a ways to drive, right? But no, it's only a block from the hotel) and take the trolley to Channelside so that we may get sloshed without having to worry about having a DD. God love the trolley system. We have the worst public transportation system in the entire US, but trolleys to drinking areas? We've got 'em! I'm hoping not to be embarrassed to thoroughly, but with this group who knows. As long as I'm drinking, god help us! Who's bringing the camera? :) If you're in the area, come join us at Channelside! Buy me a drink!

Reason for excitement d) I finally got new earbuds for my iPod that are so extremely comfortable that I could be listening to my iPod for the next year. Awesome. In case anybody is wondering, they're these:

which they make in metal too, but it wasn't worth it for another $20. I lost my last pair, and I tried to get a cheap pair but they hurt my ears so I went back to these -- the best $30 EVAR.

Reason for excitement e) I finally found something on iTunes worth using my iTunes gift card that Shell gave me almost a year ago -- I bought Hello Radio: Various Artists play TMBG. Just so you know, don't go out and get it. But I'm glad I used my gift card on it, because I really wanted to hear it, and now I'm not so upset that it sucks. Because it's not real money anyhow, and all that.


L said...

wow -- the wedding is coming up really fast! don't stress :)

ordinarygirl said...

Wow, you're wedding is coming so fast. I still remember the engagement like it was just a few weeks ago.

I hope everything goes really well. You'll have people there to support you and on your wedding day don't sweat the little things. Let other people do them for you! Seriously, everyone is happy to help out on your wedding day.

birdwoman said...

are they really earbuds? They look like they hook over the ear?

I've just bought a new set for work, philips, and they hurt. But ear buds really hurt, so I won't wear them.

must look for these...

i like the way you say "vacation for your wedding" funny


the frog princess said...

BW: They are earbuds, but they're much more comfortable than any other earbuds that I've tried -- I have to use earbuds for work so that I can put my phone headset on top. I've been through 3 kinds, and these are the only ones I can tolerate. I got them at the Apple store ...

Also, I say my vacation for my wedding because I'm going on vaca on Wednesday and the wedding's not until Sunday :)