"You've got to hydrate it a little. Just hold it in your mouth and let it moisten up a little"

-- Christen to me after I cooked my turkey bacon to pork rind status

My mom bought chocolate double stuff Oreos and sent me home with some to dip into my fat free organic milk. Yum :)

I'm incredibly exhausted tonight. The library officially broke me. We spent all evening moving large-print books so that the movies can be at the front. I got two new bookcases on Sunday and I can't bear the thought of having to move my books. Those bookcases are going to sit in the foyer for a bit while I think about it. In the meantime, they talked me into coming in again tomorrow to move more books. Hehe ...

Sunday we went to see Zodiac. I actually liked it, although most people I know didn't. No special effects. Crap, right?

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