How much drink could a woodchuck drink?

What a weekend! This weekend was my bachelorette party, and I had a fabulous time! Stacy, Shea and I met up at the Hyatt downtown where we had a beautiful room, and they adorned it with all sorts of crazy decorations. Then we met up with a bunch of people down at Spain, a tapas restaurant about a block from the hotel. It was amazing! There was flamenco dancing and tons of tapas to be had by all -- their goat cheese was the best I've ever tasted! Afterward we went back to the hotel for drinks and so they could adorn me with silly bachelorette-wear -- a tiara, veil, spinner button, a couple shot glasses and a sash (I disappointed them by cutting down to one shot glass and no sash, but it covered my cleavage! I couldn't have that!) and we headed down to Channelside. Mucho drinks, mucho fun! I drank far too much, but not so much that I was puking, so we were good! I'm certain that there are interesting pictures out there, but I've only seen one of them, which I'll have to post later. Shea, Shelley and I retired to the hotel room to read raunchy romance novels until we fell asleep, and then Sunday morning Shea and I laid out by the pool for a bit before heading home.

The boys had a crazy time too, I'm told, but likely not as fun -- they were nearly still passed out from partying when we got home around noon on Sunday, and Christen slept on and off all day while I helped my sister on a class project and fiddled around with wedding prep. Toodles!

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