What's with today, today (my favorite movie from which to quote)

Today I've been working as if today was my last day.
That is to say, I'm either working like crazy or not at all. Your choice.

No, really I'm working like crazy because I'm trying to make sure that everything is done, so tomorrow, my real last day, I'm not hyperventilating from the amount of work I haven't done. I'm actually in very good shape, so there shouldn't be an issue. And now that I've said that, all shit shall hit the fan, yes?

But I'm taking a minute to blog, because I really don't know how much time I'll have over the next week to do so.

Friday night I decided to take the night off from worrying about wedding stuff, since things had been so intense throughout the week that I couldn't see straight. I spent an hour at Wilson's purusing books (I bought two: Vanity Fair, because I always like to pick up a book that I feel I should have read but haven't, which is not to say I will, and The Last Madam, about the underground brothels of New Orleans ... looks like a good read). I spent an hour at Theresa's, admiring her belly and talking wedding and baby nonsense while the puppies took turns fighting over my lap and giving me kisses that I semi-successfully fended off. I spent an hour on L's couch while she got ready to go out, admired the ivory fishnets w/ braided seams she was sporting (I could never get away with such things) and then we were off to downtown St. Pete for my last romp as a single woman. We met up with a lovely set of people, dined on Indian cuisine (I had never had before, but it was glorious), and drank at Indy, the Globe (Geri X was fantastic), Indy, Indy and Indy. Did I mention we hung out at Indy? After L and sis took off, Craig and I had a final drink and people-watching moment at The Lobby before he dropped me at my car and I meandered home in the wee hours of the morning.

Saturday we ran final wedding errands which included purchasing $65 of fake grapes and a can of spray adhesive ... not something you buy every day, right? My sister spent the night and we had the requisite few hours of drama before settling in, and subsequently missing sunrise service with the fam. Jamie and I caught up with them after breakfast, went grave hopping and back to Christen's nana's house for lunch and hours and hours of poker. I love poker days. We made a bit of money, though I don't know how much -- about $15-$20 maybe? And when bets are 10 cents to a quarter, that's a good day!

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