Shades of melancholy

So now for a real post. Sort of.

I miss my writing. Dear friend Autumn got fantastic news that she will be the new EIC of Inkwell Journal. I've been perusing the photography and poetry of friend Brian and was awestruck by the beauty. I spent the day at work listening to Craig's stylings. And of all this, it hits me that it has been quite awhile since I've written anything of substance. I think often of writing; first lines meander through my mind while I'm cleaning or cooking or driving. I don't have the determination to continue through to the end. Perhaps after the wedding I will pick it back up. I do miss it so.


Jamie said...

I think you should too :)

L said...

I've been thinking the same thing - I know so many people who are so talented, but it seems I always procrastinate on trying anything these days... :(