it's really not that I've been lazy

but more that I just haven't had the time for you. I know, I'm so sorry. I've missed you all terribly. And just so you know, I'm still reading your posts even though I haven't been much for posting or even commenting. Last week was a week of overtime, mental breakdowns, losing houses, losing minds, crying hysterically and being pissed at the chick at the bowling alley.

You'll excuse me if I go sit on my butt for a little while. Dinner's in the oven and I've got books to read. L and I went book shopping at Wilson's in St. Pete on our lunch break and it occurs to me that I bought 3 books that I'd like to read, but I'm still in the middle of one that I've been reading for weeks and have one in-waiting for when I finish this one. So now I'm 4 behind. And one behind when it's as big as mine is quite enough, thank you!

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