a purse, a book and a bit of traffic.

So it's only 9:30 and I've been home for less than an hour but I'm already thinking of going to bed. I stayed late at work until nearly 7pm wrapping up some work and went to dinner with a coworker at the new Cracker Barrel down the street from work. It only opened Sunday and it was swamped! And there was a geocache there so I signed without knowing the coordinates. The Cracker Barrel caches are so easy usually. I've only not found one, in Fort Myers. It was harder to find the cache online than it was at the place. I'm thinking about writing an article about that series for the magazine. It's an interesting series.

Sunday was great fun. Sadly, I bowled better in the morning than I did in the evening. But such is life, right? My high score for the whole day was 137, but low score was 86. Not so great. Midday warranted a bookstore hike, and though my favorite used bookstore was closed we made due with the local B&N for amusement. I bought David Foster Wallace's A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again. I wanted Sarah Vowell's Radio On: A Listener's Diary, but alas they did not carry it. I suppose I'll have to submit to order it. Blegch. At DSW I found an adorable green tweed purse that begged me to take it home with me and stray from my old black and brown favorites. Which I not only did, but bought a red wallet to go inside instead of my usual Scooby Doo wallet that has seen too many years. Scooby Doo was usually more like Scooby Doo-I-Have-To? when I took him out of my purse. Perhaps time to retire, my dear. Plus it fixed the whole problem with hurting my wallet at the bookstore. This new one is mainly just for cards, so they're always longing to come out and play!

So let me tell you about this traffic jam I was in. Do you want to hear? So Friday night I'm driving home and I leave work at 5:02pm. I always have to drive over this huge bridge to get home and the traffic is usually murderous, but I never worry so much about traffic so whatever. But I'm pulling out of the parking lot and I see an ambulance fly by toward the bridge. It was the only one I saw though, so I'm still not worried. I'm not suppose to pick up my friend to go have drinks until 6pm. So I'm tooling down the highway over the bridge, get over the hump (yes, I said "hump" so giggle away) and traffic stops. Dead. There's no movement whatsoever. I put the car in neutral, pull the parking brake and start reading. 20 pages in there's still no movemet. The guy in the minivan behind me has gotten out of his car. People have tried to tool down the shoulder of the bridge and are now getting tickets. I put the book down and get out of my car to go talk to the dude from the minivan. We were there for 45 minutes. 45 MINUTES! I've never ever been in traffic that you can get out of your car for. That's for in the movies, you know? Thankfully by the time I got OFF the bridge rush hour traffic was out of downtown so it only took 20 minutes to get to Scott's house and I was only 10 minutes late. But holy by golly gee wiz, man. Have you ever seen such traffic?

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