who needs sleep?

I don't know what 's with me lately but on the weekends it's not possible for me to sleep past 8:30. I realize that my body is used to waking up at six every morning, but during the week I also go to bed at 10 and the past few nights at after one and still I'm up at 8:30. Body, let me sleep! Arg!

But the good thing about getting up that early is that the day goes on forever. Well, it's probably not a good thing if your days suck, but mine -- not so bad, really. :D Yesterday I got all the cleaning done except the bathroom mirror which I'll probably do before I take a shower so it steams all nice. Anyone who's been to my place knows that the phrase "My house is such a mess" is a subjective phrase. My house is rarely a mess. However I hate to deal with papers, so I do have a bit of clutter. My usual dealing with paperwork and receipts is to throw them in the nearest grocery, Target or NY & Co. bag and stack them next to my desk. If no bag is available they get stacked (neatly, mind you) on the inside corner of the kitchen bar. Or on the desk. Or the other desk. This is how I lose so many bills. So yesterday I got all the bags and stacks and threw them on the dining room table and cleaned the apt. Then I went back and dropped all the clutter in the middle of the living room floor and went through ALL of it. I'm now down to a small stack that has my receipt for my car (to go back into the glove box) this month's bills and my 401K stuff from my new job that I don't understand and therefore have yet to sign up. Woohoo! Tomorrow I'll probably pay all my bills and the stack will diminish. I'm so happy to see the floor next to my desk, can I tell you?

Last night I was on a rant about this box of pens I have. It's one of those five-ream paper boxes and it's full of pens. Well, it's gone. I can't find it anywhere, and it's really not like it can hide too much. There's one closet and under the bed that aren't organized to some degree. Yeah, it's not there; it's not anywhere. I have the distinct feeling that Christen made off with it. I don't know why he would have, but who else would have taken it? And I wouldn't have really cared but for two things: It was my box and I wasn't able to go through it for the ones I really wanted. But he says he had nothing to do with it and it'll surface when we move, but we'll see.

And I also went through all my old tapes. Cassette tapes, you remember those? Yeah, well I still have a ton of them so I went through looking for my single of Grateful Dead's Touch of Grey because I wanted to listen to My Brother Esau, which is the B-side. Wow, I have a lot of crap on those tapes. Would you like to listen to Gloria Estefan's greatist hits or the soundtrack to Wayne's World with me? hehe.

I'm going bowling with Ivan and L today, so I think that'll be loads of fun. L and I (hehe, that looks funny) are going book shopping later, so wish my wallet luck!

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