Jacskonville -- city of cache.

So I've decided to go to GeoWoodstock III next weekend in Jacksonville. It's about a 4-hour drive and my sister has agreed to come too, probably in hopes of meeting cute 12-year-old boys ... but that's besides the point (yes, she's 12). But now I have to find a cheap hotel and I don't know where the okay spots are and where the not so good places are. Any help? Looking for something in the 50-60 dollar range, considering I just dropped a buttload of money on the intial rental of the house (first last and sizable deposit). Then we can bring Cheerios and pb&j sandwiches and make it the cheapest stay-over EVAR. Last time I went to Jacksonville was for a band trip and they paid for the room, so I really don't even know where we stayed. Anywho, off to pick up the coffee table we bought at the RTG clearance store. Fun fun!

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