quick choice: to read or blog?

I felt like blogging this weekend but it was the first time I've actually had the time to read so I've had to choose: to blog or read. Reading won out for a little bit, and after this post I'll pick up the house (yes I'm compulsive about cleaning) and go back to the book. I told my brother he could borrow the book when I'm done and he's getting rather impatient (You only read 35 pages? I could have done that in one period at school!!) so I've resolved to finish it and get it to him before he makes me spend the 20 bucks to get his own copy. Good book, Assassination Vacation by Sarah Vowell (I know I've mentioned it before as I've been carrying it around with me for two weeks or so). We'll see if I can consume it today.

I celebrated Mother's Day with my mom last night -- I made lasagna and brought it over in a Pyrex dish and played with snakes (she's got two boas and a corn snake) and tickle-tortured my little sister. Great fun, eh? Today was the day to visit Christen's grandmothers and we had lunch with his parents at Fridays. It's been a lazy day so now I'm sitting here with my eyes half closed while I type. Who's up for a Sunday nap?

On another note, I was up for a nap but someone just placed a travel bug about 5 miles from home that I've been waiting for so I guess I'm going geocaching. Wish me happy hunting!

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