Garnish my hurricane with an orange and a cherry.

Hurricane Dennis is looking interesting, but thankfully the brunt of it will miss us. I was driving earlier today to try to finish (oh who am I kidding, trying to start) my shopping for Christen's birthday. It wasn't bad until I headed back from Tampa and one of those bands hit the area and I couldn't see the interstate. I knew there was a giant red truck somewhere in front of me, but I couldn't for the life of me see it. A half hour later driving 20-30 MPH all the way home I picked up Other April and brought her over. We all went out for drinks last night and we ended up dropping her at home even though her car was at my place because she wouldn't have been safe driving home. Now I'm hanging out at home doing nothing and contemplating doing my grocery shopping while the weather is calm. Who's with me?

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