I think therefore ...

I think that Christen's Time O' Ze Month coincides with mine, because every month we bicker the whole time. And I swear it's not just me starting the fights. I'm generally content just to sit on the couch and moan all night, but he has to start arguments when he asks where the tops to the tupperware are and I instruct him to the cabinet I told him they would be in two weeks ago when we brought them from the apartment he starts getting all pissy. I was watching my tone so it didn't seem like I thought he was an idiot (he acuses me of talking that way sometimes) and still he goes, "Now see, I get upset when you say things like that." Like what, damn it? With the entire rest of the world it's how you say something and not really what you say. I try to be all friggin' sweet and tell him where they were and now it's what I say and now how I say things. But you know, if I would have said, all exacerbated, "There in here," he would have been equally mad. (For the record, my exact words were, all sweet and nice, "I told you when we brought them that I would put the tops over here." End of story.)

And then this morning I couldn't get up because I couldn't sleep last night and he got mad and started stomping around. Gee wiz, man. I tossed and turned for four hours, read some, and finally fell asleep only to keep waking up sweating and he's mad because I want to get up at 6:45 instead of 6:37? I'm freaking tired!

Anyhow, enough of the bitchfest. I'm having a party tomorrow (yay!) and hopefully no cops will be called. I told my neighbors about it and if we were too loud to come over and tell us to shut up.

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