I'm sitting here trying to wake up before I go to work -- it was such a hassle to get up. And I was having a dream about someone I intensely dislike that for some reason I started working for again and he was hitting on me and I seemed to like it. Icky. So you'd think I would have wanted to wake up, but I never heard the alarm and Christen exausted all resources in waking me up. I think he was mad. Thankfully I don't seem to say anything about my dreams while I'm still in that half-state, or I might be in trouble sometimes. Not that I can control them or anything, but still. And that dream made me feel icky. However it was funny that I was going through bags of paperclips to make sure they all about the same amount because there was a sidewalk sale of sorts. Hehehe.

I took Christen's birthday off this week (Monday) and we had a nice relaxing day together. I got all of his shopping done over the weekend while dodging rainbands from the hurricane so we were able to focus on doing what shopping he had left, like buying the grill his parents gave him money for for his birthday. And I bought the Sims University pack, so now I've reduced myself to not doing anything constructive for the past couple evenings. That's okay though, because he bought Age of Mythology or something like that and is playing it on the other computer. We have 4 computers -- 2 desktops and 2 laptops, and 1 desktop doesn't work and 1 laptop has a broken spine (parapalegic?) so we're usually reduced to the other two computers. I know, hard luck, right?

Sunday I went with my best friend to a bridal show and to Christen's cousin's boutique so ShellBell could try on dresses. It was a lot of fun, and she and I haven't spent much time together in awhile. I'm her maid of honor, so I need to get one of those books to find out what that entails. I know I'm supposed to host a bridal shower and do the bachelorette party, but what else? I think I'm going to help her with a lot of the planning, which sounds fun to me! :)

I read two books last week -- The 6th Lamintation, which was really very good. A little hard to follow at times, but very well written. The second was Me Talk Pretty One Day, which was pretty good. I didn't find it as laugh-out-loud as some people seem to find Sedaris, but it was pretty good. Amusing at the very least.

Oh yeah, work? What's that? I guess I should go. Wish me luck on driving with a cloudy head!

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