it's killing me ... not so softly.

These overnight hours are killing me. Not my overnights, but Christen's, as he has been working overnights for a week and will be doing it for at least another couple of weeks and I don't know that I can handle it much longer. I hate sleeping by myself -- hate it. I've been very understanding the last week and haven't given him shit about it but I talked to him tonight and he's going to have to do it next week too and be off on Wednesday and Thursday. This bites big monkey balls. However, I'm choosing to look at it from as positive an outlook as possible -- My Fair Lady is in town next week and we can go on Wednesday. :)
In other news, looks like I'm spending nights with Lola. Good thing she loves me; now if I can just get her to come inside.


Dak-Ind said...

greetings! Michelle sent me.

Mu husband, too, works the overnight shift, its awful.

also noticed that you are from Tampa... he moved out here to oregon from Bartow, and the year after he came, his mother moved here from Clearwater! so its fabulous to meet you!!

Sandy said...

My husband works days, but he's been traveling an obscene amount lately. I hate it. I hate sleeping alone. I hate parenting alone. I hate having to do the laundry. I can totally relate.

Michele sent me.

Anonymous said...

biting of monkey balls is never good.