My poor lame puppy

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Lola had to get stitches today. She ripped open the pad of her foot trying to mess with her crate while we went shopping today. I don't know what to do with her -- she hates her crate so much I feel bad everytime I leave the house, but I can't leave her loose in the house -- it's not mine, and if she messes something up I'm the one who pays. She scratched up the doorjamb one day when we left her loose while we went grocery shopping and I'm going to have to sand it and repaint it before I move now.

But in happier and less dry news, I went shopping today! Yes, I braved the crowds and went to get a few things. I didn't get up until almost 9am, but when we went there was still plenty of what I did want, and anything that they were out of I've decided I didn't need anyhow. So here are my and Christen's purchases for today:
-- Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture 2 (I'm obsessed with Trivial Pursuit, even though I'm terrible at it)
-- DVDs: Robots, Kingdom of Heaven, About Schmidt and Friday Night Lights
-- ATI Radion X800 video card (something about 16 pixel pipelines, but don't ask me -- I just use the stuff)
-- a Cranberry Chutney Yankee Candle
-- iPod Clock Radio
-- the Garden State soundtrack
-- Sims 2 Nightlife Expansion Pack

I tried to do some Christmas shopping, but I just couldn't find anything that appealled to me for anyone else. I'll have to do some more shopping over the next week to see if I can jump start myself to the holiday spirit. With the whole house-thing, I'm just not feeling it yet. Is anyone else feeling the holiday spirit?


Aginoth said...

ATI Radion X800 video card ??

lucky you :o)

...I just scraped enough dosh together to buy a second hand 9600pro

michelle sent me

Courtney said...

I shopped today. But I have to return half of it because the 2 pairs of cheap corduroys I found at the Gap don't fit. Blech.
Michele sent me.

Kat said...

Hello, Michele sent me! Lola is so pretty. Poor puppy!

Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

Hi Michele sent me and hope your puppy is back on her feet soon!

dena said...

You did some pretty good shopping! We've spent the entire day decorating, so I would say that, yes, we are in the spirit. I don't like the shopping much, but I love everything else about the season.

Chas Ravndal said...

oh poor doggy... hope she gets better soon

Marie said...

So poor Lola...puppy kisses for her. By the way, Michele sent me.

rashbre said...

I'm impressed you braved the stores on Saturday. Around our way everything is maxed out and even parking is a chore. I shall find weekday times for any major excursions between now and Christmas!

And Hello, Michele sent me (first time here - I shall look around)


TrueJerseyGirl said...

Belive it or not, I just saw Garden State for the first time the other night. Yes, me, a True Jersey Girl had not seen Garden State. It rocked.

Jamie said...

I don't know about Lola- usually dog's love their crates!

Good job on the Garden State soundtrack- it's one of my "take to a deserted island" albums.

Kyahgirl said...

Hi! surfed in from Michele.
Michele sent me :-)

About the crate,
I used to spend quite a bit of time teaching 'puppy kindegarten' and may be able to give you some ideas if you're interested.
you can email through my profile.

need to know;
how old is your dog
does she spend time in her crate when you're with her,
have you tried games and treats,
stuff like that.

all my dogs have loved their crates except Kyah. Her first owner (my ex) ruined her for the crate by scaring the crap out of her in there as a puppy. She never could learn to relax in there after that.
Hopefully your dear pooch hasn't had THAT experience!