Ready to resume contact.

I know I've been lax on the whole blogger thing, but I really haven't been up to blogging. I don't know why. I figure rather than give you a halfhearted product that I would wait.

So here are the snippets of what's been happening:
--been shopping for bridesmaid's dresses for my best friend's wedding
--got a better (read: more stable) position in my company
--bought some great new shoes
Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com
--went to way too many bridal showers for other friends (not mine, excuse me while I pout)
--experienced my first strip club
--went to a wine festival last night and got toasted
found some lovely wines I might not have tried before, like Mark Davidson's Chardonnay and Black Oak's Riesling, which are definitely coming home with me again soon, because they were way yummy. There was a fantastic Cab Sauv, too, but I was already drunk so I don't remember the brand.
--been working on the next printed issue of the magazine
--spent way too much money on warmer clothing because it got really freaking cold for 1 1/2 weeks
--can't wear my new clothes because it's near 90 again
--pouting because the Bucs suck
--pouting because the Lightning suck
--wondering how they can say how good the Devil Rays are doing when they couldn't have done worse -- they can only improve at this juncture
--went to a couple geocaching events
--decided what to get Christen for Christmas
--am at a loss on what to get everyone else for Christmas
--am really freaked out that it's so close to Christmas
--read some great books, encluding Speaking With the Angel, a collection of short stories edited by Nick Hornby.


NPR Junky said...

Great shoes! Welcome back!

Jamie said...

LOVE the shoes!

VegasGustan said...

Nice shoes! Any Madden's as of late?

Anyway, our Bucs will come around. Just wait.

I want The Complete Calvin and Hobbes for Christmas...thanks.

the frog princess said...

No new Madden's; I've looked but not bought. The gold ones are Chinese Laundry and the black are NY Transit. I had to get the black ones for my friend's wedding, but the gold ones were just screaming to come home with me.

Bob said...

Haven't heard of those wines, but it sounds like you had fun drinking them!