So let me tell you a story: There once was a man ...
No, no -- not that kind of story.

Okay, so there was this girl, who had this stove. Now, she moved into her cute little house about 6 months prior, but ever since she moved she had problems with bugs in the stove. I know you're thinking "Eww, gross!" Well, that's what she was thinking. They seemed to live inside the stove, back behind where you couldn't get to them. There wasn't a bug problem anywhere else in the house, and they didn't come out while she was cooking so she was trying to deal with it.

But one day she had it. She took whatever bug spray she had on hand (wasp killer) and sprayed the counter leading to the stove. Then, because she had nothing else, she took some bleach and water and started pouring a bit of it behind the stove. All of a sudden, she heard a sizzling. She didn't know where the plug was to the stove, so she was helpless. She stared at the stove. After the sizzling the surface light came on, indicating that the stove was hot. She hadn't cooked in awhile, so she was positive that the surface wasn't hot, but she put her hand on the stove -- just to check. Nope, still cold.

Then, blue light. There were popping sounds, and lights coming from the top of the stove, where the controls were, and then everything died.

That was last Thursday, and this is where we are. Thank God for dinner parties and the grill! :)


L said...

thanks for coming to the party! I had a great time! (and I still owe you $ for the shoes, btw)

NPR Junky said...

Um, honey, did you ever find out what exactly happened? Because that just doesn't sound good.

rocks said...

That post just cracked me up...and reminded me of my stove- actually, I have an old oven in the wall. It's so old, I have to light the thing with a match to preheat. Yes, that means I have to deal with gas....I burned off my eyebrows, lashes, bangs, and any unwanted facial hair twice already. I thought I had it bad until I read your post...at least I don't have bugs (or maybe I did and I gassed them all already) :)