It's been a strange day. For starters, I went to yoga this morning with Other April, realized I am decidedly NOT bendy and signed up for another 9 courses ("I'm sticking with it until I don't start to black out in the middle"). While we were at yoga Christen plugged April's flat (don't think it that way ... she was with me, I tell you) and we came home and decided ... to go to the beach! The people beach, no less! We had planned on meeting Stacy there because she marathon beaches, but she had decided not to go so we laid out for an hour before making up our minds to go to the Ruby Tuesday salad bar. It's a beautiful day -- absolutely gorgeous :) So we go to RT and our waiter is this really young kid -- maybe 20? And that's a maybe. And he's decided we're his bestest friends, so he keeps telling us about his new "Mr. Roboto" ringtone (It's that old song, you know? Yeah, sure kid ...) and about his house parties where the cokeheads cleaned up his house while he was passed out, and coming back to sit next to either of us at our 2-seater booth -- or on the carpet next to us when he asked if minded if he took a 5-minute smoke break ... it was crazy. I didn't understand any of it, but it did make for a good laugh!
Then we went over for a smoothie at Jamba Juice (mmm ... Orange Dream Machine with a Femme Boost) and to stop at Borders so that I could buy The Town That Forgot to Breathe. Now, about this book. I bought it because Autumn told me to read it. But really I bought it because the other day I got an email from the author thanking me for mentioning it on my blog! And although I hadn't mentioned it, Autumn did, I felt obliged to read it. I thought that was really neat. However, Now that I've bought it and read the inside cover, it doesn't seem really like the type of book I'm too into reading. It does seem like the type of book Autumn would like. But I'll give it a shot, and I'm also perfectly content to say that I can recognize that it's good writing without actually caring for the content. We'll see; I'll keep you all and Kenneth Harvey posted.

So I think I might go for a bike ride, because that sounds like me, right? :) I don't want to sit home because I'm afraid I'll start eating, but usually I just go shopping and I can't afford to do that. So I'll ride my bike to my mom's house, and if she's not home I'll just ride around back home. It's uphill all the way home from her house, so that'll be interesting.

I'm listening to Amber's radio show. I've listened before, and I'm actually really impressed for reasons twofold. Eins, she doesn't sound anything like what she seems like she seems on her blog, and Zwei, it's such an eclectic show and I hear a lot of things I don't hear that often. It's her last show, but maybe she'll get back into it when she moves to the Twin Cities? That's a hope and a prayer.

So adios; I'm off to sweat some more. Catch you later, aligator!


L said...

book shopping this week?

Jamie said...

I was told to give yoga a month. After that you'll be more flexible.

I started out grabbing my calves while eveyone else was holding the arch of their feet. I have since moved up to touching the tips of my toes, if I bend them to me, so I'm getting better!

glomgold said...

So why'd that kid think he was buddy buddy with you? Because of Styx? "my heart is human, my blood is boiling, my brain IBM". That line cracks me up.
I tried some yoga the other day and I was so bad that not only did I not accomplish anything, neither did my friend because she was too busy laughing at my struggles.

birdwoman said...

You know, that day sounds perfect. But how on earth can you go to the beach in march? goodness, it's only 40 degrees here. Reading this made me shiver.