Holy Weekender, Batman!

So this weekend was a total blast, as weekends tend to be in my family (evidently, since I just noticed that last weekend's post started the same way... hehe). Here's the gist in bullets:

--bought a darling pair of Mia wooden heels with Stacy at DSW (shoe mecca)
--went to dinner on St. Patty's day with Stacy's family for her dad's birthday. Wow, to be in close proximity with that many Atlanta transplants ... hehe. We went to Timpano's Italian Chophouse in Hyde Park and it was marvelous. I had mussels for the first time (I've had oysters and clams, but never mussels) and we stood near the band and talked at great length with the pianist. They had a guitarist, sax and pianist and they were lovely. All old and lovely. Stacy's uncle made me, Stacy and her aunt pose with the sax player sans sax ... if I see the picture I'll post it here :)
--left there to meet with Christen and his friend Jesse at Hooters for more late night drinks while the boys smoked their cigars. The waitress liked to "perch" on the edge of the table like she was an owl too. I was told to hook she and Jesse up, but I'm no good at that so I just drank.
--Saturday, went to Ellenton Outlets with Christen as we hadn't been there in a really long time and just hung out and shopped all day. I bought a cute pink shirt at Gap (I know, I know, but it's a cute pink shirt) and a book about books (you know how I love those) and was talked out of another Coach purse (I was told I have enough purses, like that's possible). We also got a baby ice cream scoop for my new obsession with Rice Dream non-dairy ice cream, and onion cutter to make onion blooms (although I'm going to try to bake it).
--drove down to Anna Maria island and ate at the Waterfront Restaurant - he had the seafood platter and I had the snow crab (I cut my thumb on the sucker). Washed it down with a delightful piece of key lime pie and a cup of tea. It was a beautiful night and we ate on the porch.
--Sunday ventured to Orlando to mill about town; I was talked out of another Coach purse (this one was way cuter) and bought another book.
--dinner at Jungle Jim's for a Peanutbutter Bet (you don't know what you're missing).
--a late-night drive home playing the Penis and Vagina game (substitute one word in a tv show title with penis; substitute one word in a movie title with vagina). It was great fun.

All in all it was a fantastic weekend. Christen is now snoring on the couch next to me and it's distracting. I keep trying to hold his nose -- any suggestions on how to stop it? Well, taking him to bed will cure it and I think that's my next stop. Toodles!

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How fun!